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Democrat Socialists Resign in Droves Due To Sex Scandal

Let’s start off with this.

Did you have to look up “polycule”? I did. So the basic news here is that the entire Executive Committee of the Cincinnati Democratic Socialists (DSA), the same crew who count in their general number Bernie Sanders and the Squad, all had to resign their commie posts as they were having group sex and in their menage was a serial sexual abuser. The best part? The person assigned to investigate and deal with the abuse was also in the group sex ring. We’ll wait until you finish barfing then laughing.

It’s like the Cambridge Five Scandal, look it up, but without the style, worldwide intrigue, and Queen Elizabeth’s art collection.

Can you imagine the sheer tedium of a DSA menage? They’d probably conduct it under the 1933 Soviet Rules of Parliamentary Procedure, not exactly an erotically scintillating prospect. Ah, socialism. Making even orgies mundane.

Past all the justified jibes, the larger point is a look-see into the lives of the members of the Cincy DSA ExCom. Knowing socialists, okay-AOC is an exception, there weren’t a lot of lookers in the bunch. Likely a collection of soy boys and women who bear a marked resemblance to John Goodman. Their extracurricular activities, ones that put “throuple” congresswoman Katie Hill to shame in quantity if not quality, was most probably a very capitalistic enterprise in the sense of supply and demand. They were not in demand and thus they supplied each other with probable violations of every law of God, man, and the Kama Sutra.

We can learn from this that even in lust, socialism will seek the lowest denominators. Then, in lovely Soviet fashion, the party member assigned to clean up the mess (not a pleasant visual) was involved in it up to and past their necks. Just yuck.

Soviet prosecutor Andrey Vyshinsky would have been proud. Why make such a fuss over things when you can have the verdict before the investigation even begins? So much more efficient. However, then the plot goes south. Ewww…

Something or someone causes the entire pervy troupe to resign en masse. Bad press? Nah. The press loves the DSA, as many are in the group. The exposure of the serial abuser? Unlikely. Socialism has been abusing the world for about 170 years and has shown no contrition up to this point. I’m thinking it was a commotion in the menage.

Someone went all capitalist on the free love types and decided they didn’t want their menage member of choice available for all. Yup, what brought them down were the concepts of possession and exclusivity.  Those are not very socialistic ideals. Thus, commie life imitates real life and the sordid creepy ring breaks up. Score another victory for capitalism.