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Death from Falling and Hammers are a Problem, Not Rifles.

Looks like you need to be much more afraid of falling to your death or dying from being hit by a hammer than you do from being killed by a rifle. 

Now that I’m over 50, I can attest to the fact that falling is definitely a concern. As you age, you need to walk slower and try to pay more attention to what you are doing, especially on step ladders and while walking around outside on uneven ground.

So watch out for yourself!

But you don’t need to be too worried about a riffle bullet whizzing by your head. That doesn’t happen too often.

Breitbart [1] recently reported that 2018 CDC statistics show that 37,455 people died from accidental falls throughout that year compared to 297 deaths that were intentional death from a rifle.

That means that there are 126 times more unintentional deaths from falling than from INTENTIONAL deaths from rifles.

If you have been listening to the Democrats, you would think that the statistics are just the opposite because they act like we have an epidemic of people being killed by AR-15s and AK-47s.

So what should we do?

Ban ladders? Ban stairs? Ban walking?

We might have to ban hammers too because 443 people were killed in 2018 from hammers, clubs or other “blunt objects.” It’s an epidemic of hammer deaths. Ban them quick!

I think banning Democrats will save a lot more people though so let’s start working on that.