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Biden’s Child Abuse Scandal: Allegations of Sexual Assault, Hungry Kids and More at Border Overflow Facility 

Biden Harris administration = child abusers.

Yes, we’ve already known this because we’ve seen the massive overcrowding of illegal alien children at southern border facilities and we’ve heard the stories of how the children are abused by human traffickers and Mexican drug cartels on their way to America. 

And we’ve seen videos of children being abandoned in the desert and thrown over border walls. Other children have died along the way.

Things like these have been a small price to pay by the Biden Harris administration in order to import more Democrat voters. Actually, the Biden Harris administration does not pay ANY kind of price at all except for bad PR.

Now we have learned that the Freeman Coliseum in San Antonio, a facility that is being used to house 1600+ teens in a Biden overflow location, has neglect and abuse allegations against them.

Republican Texas Governor Greg Abbott had a press conference [1] on Wednesday where he called on the Biden Harris administration to close the Freeman Coliseum facility because of allegations of sex assault, neglect, kids not getting food, lack of staffing to oversee the kids and not separating children who have COVID-19 from the other children.

HHS is supposedly overseeing this “temporary” facility, one of many, because of Biden’s catastrophe at the border that has resulted from welcoming in the entire planet to our country.

Will this new development force Biden or Harris to FINALLY visit the border or one of these overflow facilities? 

I doubt it. 

Not unless the leftist press, who constantly covers their rear ends, actually gets a conscience and presses them on the issue. 

Right now, Biden is too busy napping and working on unconstitutional gun control edicts and Harris is busy going to a Chicago bakery [2] for German chocolate cake. They can’t be bothered going to the border to see the crisis that they created.

The White House has been trying to clarify that Harris isn’t involved with the “border crisis” but is instead focused on addressing the “root causes – not the border.”

Back on March 24th, Biden appointed Harris to address the record surge [3] in illegals – but most of the media missed the fact that he was only talking about her being the point person to talk with Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador to see how much bribery money we need to send them to stop the flow a little bit so it looks better.

So then… what about the obvious question that hasn’t been asked. Has she visited Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador either? I don’t think so.

But I call BS on the Biden Harris administration. As Vice President, Harris is involved in everything that their administration (with her name on it) is doing and a large part of that is protecting America i.e. the entire border crisis. 

One of them should have been to the border by now – either Sleepy Joe or Race-Baiting Harris. And Harris should be standing in front of the Freeman Coliseum demanding investigations into the abuses of people of color – and demanding additional staff and monitoring in the facility.

Can you imagine a sex assault allegation at a border facility or holding area if Trump was President? That would result in Impeachment 3.0. They’d probably go after Pence too.

Abbott told the press that child welfare officials have received reports of neglect and abuse, one of them being a sexual assault and he has said that the Biden Harris administration is “presiding over the abuse of children” at the border, calling it a health and safety nightmare.

The whole Biden Harris administration is a nightmare.