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Biden Facility for Illegal Alien Teenage Girls Closed After Death of Worker

Biden is sending illegal aliens all over the country into different holding facilities. It’s a shell game so we can’t keep up with the actual number of invading Biden voters and their children coming into our country.

Non-profit organizations, especially those with Biden ties [1], are making money hand over fist from the catastrophe at the border.

We’ve already had a scandal where a facility has been accused of sexual abuse [2] and other atrocities at a San Antonio storage warehouse for illegal aliens in Texas.

Now we have another problem.

Over the weekend, a Houston-area center, ran by the National Association of Christian Churches (NACC), that had been holding hundreds of teenage girls, was closed after a worker died. [3] The facility had only been open for three weeks.

The facility housed 450 to 500 teenage girls who were in ages from 13 to 17 and were “unaccompanied minors.”

HHS said that the girls would be transferred to another facility or united with their sponsors.

The HHS, because Biden’s friends are so so so so very transparent, are not telling us anything about what happened but Cesar Espinosa, Director of the immigrant advocacy group FIEL, told the Associated Press that there was an “incident” at the facility on Friday night with police cars and ambulances outside.

Espinosa also made an interesting comment that it wasn’t an “appropriate place to have the young girls.” 

Apparently this holding facility was no utopia even though the people who run these kinds of facilities are getting millions of dollars. 

Espinosa said the place was filled with cots where the girls weren’t allowed to get up unless it was to shower or go to the bathroom and they were surrounded by boxes acting as “walls” for privacy.

There was no social distancing and Espinosa said that the girls were treated like merchandise, not human beings.

Another source said the girls were “at times instructed to use plastic bags for toilets.”

Gee… why isn’t AOC up in arms about this? Where are the protests? Oh that’s right. Biden is President now. Nothing to be concerned about.

Democratic REP Sheila Jackson Lee, who can always be counted on for the truth (insert sarcasm here) said that the worker in the facility died form a “medical emergency” from underlying health conditions.

Sure, Sheila. Nothing to see here.

It was a just a coincidence that the facility was shut down the next day.

Democrats – and the media – really think that we’re all stupid out here.

The non-profit organization in charge, NACC, had no prior experience housing illegal alien children. 

Sounds like a perfect match for the Biden Harris administration. Give ’em a $4 million contract to operate the Hellhole. What a good plan.

What could possibly go wrong?

But NACC is putting the blame on the Biden folks [4] according to ABC News, saying that the government had control over the site after bringing in their own subcontractors.

Dean Hoover, spokesperson for NACC, said “it is deeply hurtful and unfair to the folks at NACC that anyone would now think of criticizing them when all they were trying to do is to be good Samaritans and help the HHS help these children.”

Jose Ortega, NACC’s founder and President, had said that they didn’t seek out the contract – that they were begged to do it by HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra. 

Ortega said, “I’m a humble pastor that was thrown into this mess without asking for it.”

Yep. Just like the rest of us.