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Biden and the CDC Tell Michigan Governor: No Extra Vaccines, Only Lockdowns

It looks like the great love affair is over. 

Michigan Democratic Governor Gretchen Whitmer did everything she could to get Biden elected and was even one of his campaign co-chairs.

But now, when she needs him the most, when her state is awash in COVID-19, he has broken her heart and let her down. 

She went to him to beg him for more vaccines for her state but he turned her down cold. [1] 

Our heartless President doesn’t seem to care that Michigan is a COVID-19 hotspot.

First Biden turned Gretchen down for the VP position and now this. 

Where’s the love, Joe?

Biden and friends seem to be continuing to dole out the vaccines based on their original criteria which is population instead of which states have the largest outbreaks.

And equity, of course. 

We can never forget about equity when the Democrats are in charge of something.

Instead of sending out extra vaccines to Michigan, Biden’s CDC whiz, Director Rochelle Walensky, told Gretchen that she needs to lockdown her state [2].

Walensky said, “Really what we need to do in those situations is shut things down. I think if we tried to vaccinate our way out of what is happening in Michigan, we will be disappointed that it took so long for the vaccine to work – to actually have the impact.”

So I guess that vaccines are NOT the answer even though Biden has said that they WERE the answer in the past.

In remarks [3] that President Disaster made at the White House on January 25, 2021, he said, “The end goal is to beat COVID-19. And the way we do that is to get more people vaccinated…”


Maybe Walensky and Biden need to compare notes and get on the same page so that one of them is able to sound somewhat intelligent. 

And it was only on Tuesday, while discussing the pause in the J&J vaccinations, that Biden said our country has enough vaccine for “every single solitary American.”

Wow. Sounds like we have everything we need – for Michigan and beyond!!

Let’s get ‘er done by the weekend Joe. 

What’s the hold up, oh great leader of ours?