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Are You Ready For The Storm?

The Democrats will today offer a bill to make the Supreme Court bend to their will. This is along with their actions on border security, the economy, and domestic security. They have shown a marked aversion to free speech and political and intellectual diversity. Their policies on race are viciously bigoted. They loathe law enforcement.

So, where will these things bring us if the Democrats get their way on all of them? They have the votes, barely, to get it done. What kind of America will emerge after they are finished? What will happen to you and your family when the gathering storm hits you square in the face?

Are you ready for a 13 member Supreme Court that rubberstamps all left wing edicts? No aspect of your life could be beyond their reach. You will live by their wishes or you will be jailed.

Are you ready for a United States that is culturally foreign to you? With the influx of people through our borders who know nothing of the vision of the Founders, nothing of a free and fair market, nothing of an independent judiciary, and nothing of fair elections, what influence will these illegal newcomers have on our system? Are you ready to change from Winthrop’s “shining city on a hill” to the social and political attitudes of the less pleasing parts of Guatemala and Honduras?

Are you ready to live under corporate masters who, in league with big government, decide what you buy, what you read and hear, and take most of your paycheck to buy off their political lackeys? Looking forward to a socialist state where your hard earned wealth is confiscated for the “greater good”, which is defined as left wing payoffs and boondoggle?

Are you ready for a limit on what you can say in public, perhaps private, lest you lose your job? Ready to only be defined by your skin color or gender, not as a free individual? Can you say goodbye to law and order, as government backed gangs roam the streets at will? Finished with due process? They are already done with it in Minnesota.

Are you in total ready for an end to the American experiment, it soon replaced by the dark twisted vision of a 19th German economic crank? These are pertinent questions for Americans today. What seemed alarmist fantasy a few short years ago is being seriously proposed as legislation. Aproximately half the American people would support it, as they would support anything that limits or destroys the freedoms of those they have been programmed to hate.

What can do about it? If HR1 becomes law political activism will be more difficult, if not dangerous. Our schools are turning out robots willing and brainwashed to do the bidding of Big Brother government and scared to death of not conforming to prevailing orthodoxy. Former President Trump has suggested boycotts and hitting the hard left in the wallets. Excellent start. But more, much more, may be needed down the road if Americans can catch and save our flickering flame of liberty.