There is an old maxim attributed to Lenin. “Probe with the bayonet. When you come to steel, halt. When you come to mush, advance.” By the looks of things, in Joe Biden, the Russians and Chinese think they have got mush.

The Chinese recently openly insulted an American delegation at a meeting in Alaska. The Russian president laughs at the strength of Joe Biden, regardless of Biden’s puny arf of sanctions. But more ominous, Russian troops are massing on the Ukrainian border and China is getting very aggressive in and around the Taiwan Straits.

If, as this publication predicted last year, those two opportunistic powers see a window of American weakness now until 2025, they could launch military operations to bring Ukraine back under Russian control and reunite Taiwan with the Chinese mainland. Both powers have openly boasted of their desire and ability to achieve those objectives. But, during the Trump administration they demurred. Why?

Because Putin respected Trump’s toughness and the Chinese were scared of Trump because of his unpredictability. But now, the Russians know Biden can be pushed around, given his capitulation to the Iranians, and Biden may be actually compromised by the Chinese, given his family’s extensive business dealings with the Chinese Communist Party.

What has been the American response to these provocations? It has been to increase the PC social programming of the American military. So if we lose the next martial showdown, or don’t even show up for it, maybe the Army and Navy could claim they couldn’t fulfill the mission, as the timing conflicted with group therapy sessions regarding the evils of white supremacy.

Now you’re saying, so what? We’re not the world’s policeman anymore and shouldn’t be. You’re forgetting one thing: trade. And trade means jobs. If the Ukraine again falls under Russian domination then the pressure increases on Europe to bow down to Putin. From energy to export, Putin could exert tremendous pressure on the European Union to cut us out of trade deals. It would also encourage the Russians, seeing our weakness, to make a move, with perhaps Iranian help, in the Persian Gulf. With Biden crippling American energy production, that could be catastrophic to our economy and Europe would be in total energy thralldom to the Russians. Our Cold War victory would be almost reversed.

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If Taiwan is taken by the Chicoms then Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, and the Philippines are in danger. Maybe even Australia and New Zealand. Our trade with those nations would be under the Chinese thumb.

The Russians and Chinese see the moves Biden and the hard left are making trying to introduce socialism to the United States. They believe Biden is too occupied with that to effectively respond to a geopolitical gambit. They also know that many in the Biden administration, who hate this country and our military, would gladly see the Russians and Chinese succeed if only to see the US fail. Thus, on top of all of our domestic issues, get ready for others on the international front. It is the era of American mush. And our enemies know it.