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Twinsies: Granny Killing Michigan Governor Whitmer Defends Cuomo’s Alleged Sexual Deviances

One, two, three, four, five, six… 

What are we up to now – six women who are currently alleging sexual harassment against New York Democrat Governor Andrew Cuomo? 

I’ve been too busy keeping up with the Grammies, the adventures of Dumbo and the exciting lives of Prince Harry and his wifey Meg to keep up with the amount of women who are accusing Cuomo of something.

Many think Andrew’s political career is in peril. I don’t. These kinds of charges have always been resume enhancers for democrats.

And as far as him resigning – that’s not going to happen. He’s too much of a narcissist for that. 

Might he be indicted for something? Possibly, but I don’t see that happening either. And with only 40% of the Democrats in New York wanting him gone [1] from the 2022 election, I don’t see any great rush for the dems to bring Cuomo down. He’ll wait things out until something bigger blows up on the media’s radar.

And don’t forget that thanks to the “American Rescue Plan” there’s gonna be a lotta Cuomo Cash to go around. The Feds are sending the big guy $23.8 billion for the state [2]. That’s a heckofalotta hush money that Cuomo can throw around not to mention some green to buy off the voters. Is he going to resign before the big payday? Heck no.

Lucky for him, he also has a brand new ally in Democratic Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer. She is one of the few female elected Democrats (maybe the only one) standing up for the Gov. 

Whitmer is comparing Cuomo to Trump and says Andrew is getting a raw deal. She said on Thursday at a Politico Live event [3], “Is there a different standard for different sides of the aisle? We just had a President who lasted all four years with numerous allegations against him, so far as rape. No one on his own side of the aisle was making observations about whether or not he should stay in office. So is there a different standard?”

Whitmer thinks it’s very very mean the way her party is treating Cuomo. They’re Kavanauhg-ing their own guy for goodness sake. She wants a full investigation and due process.

Granny-killing Whitmer probably has an affection for alleged pervert Cuomo – they both seem to have a disdain for elderly people and both ordered COVID-19 patients into nursing homes. 

Whitmer was a bit more creative though. After getting criticism for what she was doing, she made it voluntary for the nursing homes to be “regional hubs” and offered them lots and lots of money to take in pandemic patients. 

But as I reported long ago, [4] there were no actual standards of compliance to keep anyone safe. The state’s guidance actually said that the staff should use appropriate PPE when interacting with patients and residents “to the extent PPE is available” and that the COVID-19  positive residents and nursing home patients should have separate staffing teams “to the best of their ability.”

So you could say that these two are kindred spirits. Twinsies.

Two leftists passing in the night who think that killing elderly people and sexually harassing women is okie dokie as long as you are a democrat.

Nothing to see here.