- Steve Gruber - https://www.stevegruber.com -

The Trump Doctrine of America First is Here to Stay

Liz Cheney and the other elected Rinos and never-Trumpers are part of a political party that doesn’t exist anymore. Trump and the other speakers at CPAC proved that. 

Republicans who don’t embrace America First and all the things that Trump fought for do so at their own peril.

We are the base of the Republican party. We are the 80% (or more). The other 20% consists of a bunch of whiners and do-nothings who are embarrassed by tweets and care more about what leftists think of them than they care about energy independence, a booming economy or taking care of our veterans.

We were Trumpsters before Trump came along.

We were MAGA before MAGA came along.

We are a movement. And since the movement was already in existence before Trump came around, it’s not going anywhere, with or without Trump as the leader.

And now that we know that an America First agenda works – and it can be done quickly by leaders who care about it – we’re not giving it up ever again. We’re not settling for less anymore.

Trump called out the Rino establishment in his CPAC speech and said that we need to stick together or the Rinos we’re surround with will destroy the party. That is so very true. Their ideas and actions WILL destroy the party.

The Trump coalition was and is a group of patriotic Republicans, Tea Partiers, Conservatives, independents, disaffected Democrats and others who had never voted before who couldn’t stand what the democrats stood for. 

But we also despised the Rinos just as much for promising things but never fighting for the country and never lifting a finger to support and defend the Constitution.

Our current problem is that the 20%, the elitist deep state Republicans, are the ones who comprise a lot of the elected federal-level positions. They are our “leaders” and that is unacceptable. They are the leaders of nothing except their own power and bad ideas.

The America First Trump doctrine is one of a strong economy; less taxes and regulations; support of Israel; strong military; strong border security; support of the Bill of Rights; Constitutional adherence; good trade deals, energy independence; equal opportunity and justice and much more. It’s also push back against the radical leftists and the lying fake media. It’s having the willingness to stand up and fight for the country.

In Trump’s CPAC speech, he did what many others haven’t been able to do in the past month or so. He inspired us to press on. He reminded us that WE are the ones who have the good ideas and we are the ones who are right. He told us we’ll be victorious in the end and said America will be stronger than ever before.

Trump called upon the people in the room and all Americans to stay in the fight and said the journey we’ve been on together if far from being over.

Trump told us we are in a historic struggle for the future of our country and promised to fight by our side because America must come first and we will carry forward the torch of American liberty.

We can’t stew in the loss the election, the loss of Rush Limbaugh or the unfairness we constantly find ourselves in. It is our job now to carry forwarded that torch of American liberty. We all have a role to play and we need to get to work.