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The Democrats Relentless War on Women is on Overdrive

The Democratic party is completely nuts. In order to cater to some of their small groups of voters (transgenders and criminals in relation to this article), they have declared a war on girls and women.

In an effort to make “gender identity” a protected class, the Democratic-controlled House of Representatives passed an unconstitutional bill last Thursday called the “Equality Act. [1]

The bill completely squashes religious freedoms and targets girls and women to live in an unfair and dangerous world.

Besides demolishing Title IX which allows girls and women to compete in their own competitive sports, the Equality Act will let boys and men go into women’s restrooms and locker rooms and other female-specific areas, putting their privacy and safety in danger.

Judicial Watch [2] pointed out the danger of the legislation back in 2019 when they said, “The Equality Act would be a setback to women’s rights in several areas. American women would be stripped of single-sex accommodations in public multi-stall bathrooms, domestic violence or rape crisis shelters, drug rehabilitation centers, jails, juvenile detention facilities, homeless shelters, locker rooms or group showers.”

Another passion of the democratic party is to do away with the cash bail system, horrendously jeopardizing the lives of women who are raped and are at risk to be killed in retaliation for identifying suspects – and those who finally have the bravery to turn in their husbands and boyfriends who have been abusing them. 

Under Soros-funded prosecutors and other leftists who are unfortunately in the criminal justice system and government, these “woke” idiots who agree with or are afraid of the Black Lives Matter militia are making our justice system into an un-justice system, doing all they can to cater to the criminals.

In addition to adding other criminal protections, Illinois recently passed a bill that will make them the first state that will be eliminating cash bail (by 2023). Seriously, how asinine do you have to be to put that in legislation, endangering the citizens of your entire state? 

When discussing the bill, the clueless Illinois Governor Democrat J.B. Pritzker, said, “This is going to make police safer and going to make the public safer.”

Um… no, I don’t think so.

Let’s see… if a woman has a stalker that is finally caught and put in jail – and then he is released with no bail – wonder what he’s going to do after that? He’s going to go straight to the woman’s house.

Let’s see…if a woman gets raped and identifies her rapist and he gets caught and put in jail – and then he is released with no bail – wonder what he’s going to do after that? He’s going to go straight to the woman’s house and harass her or get rid of the witness. 

The law had opposition [3] from a coalition of police unions and law enforcement groups who said that the legislation would tie the hands of police that are pursuing suspects and “allows criminals to run free while out on bail” and would destroy law enforcement’s ability to keep communities safe.

Illinois Republican House Leader Jim Durkin said, “The governor’s support of House Bill 3653 is an insult to our first responders, law enforcement and the law-abiding citizens of Illinois who want to live free of violence and destruction from the criminal element.”

Elections have consequences and so do Democratic policies. Disastrous consequences.