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Leftist America: Different Punishments for Different Kinds of Terrorists

If you happened to be a Trump supporter who was buying a donut on January 6th near the Capitol, you might have had the FBI show up at your house and interrogate you about what you were doing in the area.

And if they could find anything at all to charge you with – too many dogs in your house, parking illegally on your lawn… whatever…or if you lied to the FBI about what day you bought groceries, then they had cause to drag you into the pokey and throw away the key, you evil Trump supporter.

However, if you are a police-hating Antifa or BLM terrorist, you are good to go. 

Most of us have figured out by now that you get different treatment if you are a Democratic constituent of the criminal persuasion, including sometimes not even getting charged for your crimes. 

And if you get charged, cash bail seems to be going out the window in many Democratic run cities. Lucky you.

Two leftist terrorists who actually DID get caught and charged are Black Lives Matter rioters Colinford Mattis and Urooj Rahman. 

They are two former NYC attorneys who actually blew up a NYPD vehicle [1] with a Molotov cocktail last summer during the George Floyd riots in New York City.

And they were offered a plea deal. 

Say what?

The plea deal must not include much jail time (or any) because no one’s talking about what is in it. The letter offering the plea came from Mark Lesko [2], First Assistant US Attorney for the Eastern District of NY, and on Biden’s shortlist to be the top cop there.

Never mind that these two have seven felony charges against them that include arson, conspiracy and illegal use of explosives and there is little doubt that they are guilty with Rahman caught on video firebombing the police vehicle. 

And before the firebombing, Rahman gave an interview where she said, “the only way they hear us is through violence.”

According to HotAir [3], “Mattis not only had a pile of Molotov cocktails in his vehicle, but multiple witnesses have testified that he was trying to distribute them to the crowd, encouraging them to engage in ‘more violence and destruction.'”

So why not go go court? It’s not like they don’t have enough evidence to win the case.

We know why. 

Because these two are social justice Black Lives Matter warriors and they get special treatment.

Don’t be surprised if they end up agreeing to misdemeanor charges and get probation. 

The next thing you know, they’ll end up in Biden’s Cabinet, running some kind of diversity outreach program.

What SHOULD happen is they should go to jail for the 35 years that they deserve to go to jail for. Or more.

But equal justice and law and order seems to be a thing of the past under leftist rule.