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Deceitful Dems Call Spa Shootings Racism But Boulder Shootings By Trump-Hating Muslim is All About the Gun

Democrat politicians don’t actually care about shooting victims. They only care about how to use shootings to market Democrat talking points. No matter what happens, they are able to find a way to further whatever narrative they are on that particular day.
When the shootings happened at the spas in Texas, the leftists were all over the place spinning their story that the shootings were racist and that Asians all over the country were in danger.
Even though the Democrats and the media had no proof that the shooter sought out Asians, that’s the story they told regardless of the fact that the shooter told the police that it happened because of his sex addiction.
After the spa shootings, the leftist media all but ignored the two white victims and the survivor from Guatemala.
Most people who listened to the leftist media probably don’t even know about those three people. Because the media ignored them, the current Go Fund Me accounts for the families of the Asian victims sits at more than $3 million. The Go Fund Me accounts for the two white victims only totals about $195K.
The white male victim is a an Army veteran by the way. Do you even know his name? It’s Paul Michels [1].
In able to push their racism agenda about Asians being in danger, the media is using the word “amid.” That’s how they tied the Texas shootings to racism without evidence. They said, “Amid a rise in discrimination and violence towards Asians and Asian Americans…” With that phrase, they are able to pretend that anything now or in the future that happens against Asians is racism.
So with about 18 million Asians in the United States, there will bound to be incidents, crimes and violence against them. But facts are irrelevant to leftists. A crime against an Asian or Asian-Americans is now automatically a hate crime.
Because the Democrats are currently trying to divide the country by race, this shooting fit their narrative perfectly. The leftists in the media got the memo and ran with the story they wanted to run with.
Enter mass shooting number two which happened at a grocery store in Boulder, Colorado. This time, the shooter happens to be an ISIS-supporting Trump-hating Muslim [2] from Syria with parents that live in a $800K home.
The shooter’s own brother says he has mental issues and the shooter also appears to have had run-ins with law enforcement because of a reported third-degree assault and criminal mischief. He was also on the radar of the FBI because he was linked to someone else under investigation.
Students who went to school with him called him “scary” to be around and said he would yell at people and make threats.
The narrative described above is certainly not good for the Democrats so they made THIS shooting all about the gun and are calling for gun control. No one is talking about whether the shooter targeted white people or Christians. That hasn’t come up at all.
Like a dog with a a bone, the Democrats and leftists media are going after the guns of law-abiding citizens as they usually do and are spouting off as if the gun was the criminal and not the shooter. If a shooter can’t be portrayed as a racist Trump supporting white radical, the next go-to position is to demand gun control.
Obama and others piled on to call out an entire population instead of putting any responsibility on the actual two shooters who did the crimes. Always a race-baiter, and in an effort to push gun control, Obama ranted [3] that “disaffection, racism and misogyny” drives shootings like this.
So what are the REAL causes of these mass shootings that are never talked about? Mental illness and/or evil. But those topics don’t have easy solutions.
We need to talk about the government not punishing criminals nearly long enough for their crimes and letting criminals out to offend over and over again.
Let’s talk about the people with mental illness who are walking our streets and how we can deal with that danger to their family, friends and the rest of society.
Let’s talk about the Democrat’s current push to end cash bail, the death penalty and every deterrent to and punishment for a crime they can come up with.
Let’s talk about the Democrats complete disregard for the police and law and order.
Evil people will and are taking advantage of that.