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Biden Lectures Us About Following Rules While He Lets Thousands of Illegals With COVID-19 Stream Into the Country

I don’t care what Biden is or is not “allowing” me to do on July 4th or any other day. His speech last week was a joke, acting like he has the power to tell us what we can do and threatening us if we don’t – while simultaneously allowing thousands of illegal aliens to invade the country with COVID-19.

The non-profit organization Loaves and Fishes, a homeless shelter in Harlingen, Texas, which has been receiving illegals dropped off by Border Patrol from buses, tested the illegals and found that 25% of them had COVID-19 [1].

And then off they went into the rest of the country.

Although it’s good to know what’s really going on at the border, testing is pretty much useless because it’s not like the government is quarantining anyone. The illegal aliens have all been in detention together for weeks and then are together on buses. So the actual number of infected illegals is probably well above 25%. Those who aren’t already infected are sure to get that way by the end of their experience thanks to the Biden Illegal Alien Welcoming Committee.

With 100,441 “encounters” documented with illegals in February of this year alone, that’s at least 25,110 of them with COVID-19 spreading the virus around the United States at the 25% rate. 

That means that Joe Biden is responsible for a daily super-spreader event, not to mention being the Kingpin of drug and sex trafficking. That’s who he is now. That’s his legacy no matter what kind of lies his press secretary and the media spins for him.

Meanwhile, all WE get from the government are rules, lectures and proclamations about what we’re allowed to do during the pandemic. And the sad thing is that many of us have been following their tyrannical rule for the past year.

In King Biden’s address to the nation last week, after he took the time to blame Trump for the virus and take credit for the vaccines, he uttered the following un-American and tyrannical phrases… 

“…the more people who are fully vaccinated the CDC will provide additional guidance on what YOU CAN DO in the workplace, places of worship with your friends as well as travel.”

“…in the coming weeks we will issue further guidance on WHAT YOU CAN AND CANNOT DO once fully vaccinated.”

“…by July the 4th, there’s a good chance you, your families and friends, WILL BE ABLE TO get together in your backyard or in your neighborhood and have a cookout or a barbecue and celebrate Independence Day.”

What I can and cannot do?????? Seriously?! 

Has any other President ever said anything like that to the citizens of the United States?

I’m pretty sure that the Constitution doesn’t give Biden any sort of “right” to tell me what to do. In fact, it’s just the opposite. It tells the government what THEY can and cannot do. I don’t need his permission to live in freedom.

Dear Biden: I don’t care what you tell me about what I can do or not do. I still live in America and you are not my King. It’s also painfully obviously that you don’t care a whit about the virus spreading or you wouldn’t be letting infected illegal aliens invade our country. So don’t give me any of you fake BS compassion and concern for any of the citizens of the country who are infected, who have died or who have lost their jobs or businesses. You are a fraud.

You are allowing your future Democrat voters to spread the virus all over the country with your insanity.

You are allowing the spread of the virus, drugs and sex trafficking by illegal aliens into our country with no regard to the citizens of the United States, their health or their safety.

You are NOT a real American President. You are a feckless dictator controlled by leftists who are committed to destroying the country. The Democratic party is now a terrorist organization.

The fact that you are our President during a pandemic is astronomically dangerous.