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As President, Trump Worked Eight Hours More a Day Than Biden Does

Being the President is not only about what gets done. It’s about having a work ethic and putting in the time and effort to keep up on things and be the leader of our country. 

Some people take the job more seriously than others. 

Joe Biden certainly doesn’t have any kind of great work ethic. But what do you expect from a man who ran for President by hiding in the basement, not doing much of anything to campaign because he was told the election was in the bag. 

Biden is lazy. That’s what plagiarists are [1]. They don’t have their own ideas and don’t want to come up with any. That’s what makes Biden the perfect stooge for Obama. He’s perfectly fine using Obama’s words in the Executive Orders as his own and doing what others tell him to do.

Biden is fine with just BEING the President. He doesn’t have to, and isn’t expected to, actually operate as the President. He’s a proxy.

If you take a look at Biden’s schedules from day to day, he appears to “work” from about 9 am to 7 pm although much of his schedule is filled with eating or plane trips or making short PR statements. 

And working weekends? That’s out of the question. It’s off to Delaware [2] for Biden almost every weekend.

Right now, Biden is on a marketing tour for the Coronavirus Relief bill. But Biden doesn’t actually “do” much every day and often doesn’t usually get his morning briefing until after 10 am. Then it’s off to his residence by 7 pm. 

Trump, on the other hand, usually started off his day at 6 am and the Energizer Bunny went until about 1 am, sometimes longer. His late-night/early morning Tweets were evidence of that.

So is Joe Biden working hard for us and being a dedicated Commander-in-Chief? 

No, not at all. 

But he’s not needed to be hard working or dedicated since Obama, Susan Rice and Biden’s Chief of Staff Ron Klain are running the show along with periodic assistance from Kamala Harris. Biden isn’t needed for much of anything except to sign his name to things and sometimes he’s barely capable of that.

On Tuesday, March 16th [3], Biden was overly “busy” with a 10:15 am briefing, a helicopter and plane ride, a visit to Pennsylvania and a plane ride back home. 

March 15th saw even less activity for Biden. A daily briefing at 9:50 am and then he delivered remarks in the State Dining room at 1:45 pm on the America Rescue Plan.

The poor guy had to get up early on the 14th for a virtual meeting at 8:30 am with officials from Japan, India and Australia. Then a 10:30 a.m. daily briefing, lunch, remarks in the Rose Garden at 2:30 pm, and then he left the White House for about an hour and came back.

Whew… how does he do it? What a grueling pace.

While Trump had executive time planned during the day to get things done, Biden appears to have plenty of space in his schedule for nap time and wandering around the White House. Just a few days ago, Twitter showed him being “busy” giving a tour of the White House to his grandchildren.

I know what many of you are probably thinking – you don’t WANT Biden doing anything. Let him work from noon to 1 pm. Let him nap. Keep him out of our business. But it doesn’t matter one way or another since he’s not the one who is actually running the country.

He can work eight hours less a day than Trump or 16 hours less a day than Trump and we’ll still end up with the same radical and tyrannical policies coming out of the Obama-controlled White House.