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As Democrats Refuse to Protect Us, they are Simultaneously Trying to Take Away our Gun Rights

The anti-law-and-order “defund the police” Democrats are releasing criminals without bail, refusing to prosecute Antifa and BLM terrorists, reducing sentences of habitual offenders, and doing everything they can to be on the side of the criminals.

The protect-the-criminal Democrats refuse to put the National Guard on the southern border but they leave them in DC for a photo op. They use law enforcement as props and also to punish for political enemies. 

They are the mob. They are an illegitimately elected tax-payer funded government, high on power, low on morals and ethics. 

The irrefutable evidence is there that the Democrats care about the criminals far more than the American people, crime victims and potential victims of crime. 

When a shooting takes place, they blame the gun instead of the criminal and scream about taking away guns from law-abiding people. 

Whether it’s gun control legislation or Biden Executive Orders, they’ll be imposing gun restrictions soon, no matter the constitutionality.

They don’t want to protect us from crime but they don’t want us to protect ourselves either.

In Baltimore [1], the residents will literally be on their own against the criminals because the city will no longer prosecute drug possession, prostitution and “low-level” crimes. 

When the Democrats are not able to solve a problem, they decriminalize the problem and make life dangerous and insufferable for everyone.

Baltimore is one of the most violent cities in America and now it will get worse. State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby had already stopped prosecuting many crimes to empty out the jails during the COVID-19 pandemic and now she’s making the policy permanent.

Sounds like a good idea – and a good goal. Emptying the jails is far more important than protecting the public.

In Oregon over the weekend, nothing much has changed. Antifa is still attacking people. This time it was in Salem near the Oregon State Capitol building. 

About 150 Antifa terrorists were there going after patriotic Americans who had planned a “Freedom Rally.” The rally was organized as a flag wave to honor those who fought for our freedom.

The Antifa terrorists found out about the rally and came up with a counter-protest. They advertised their gathering as a “direction action in opposition to a fascist event.”

Yes, freedom to Antifa is fascist. They don’t like cars that drive by with America flags, pro-police flags and Trump flags.

Vehicles participating in the rally had projectiles thrown at them, their windows smashed and someone was nearly ran over by a truck. 

Andy Ngo [2] reported that Antifa brought weapons and riot gear. The pre-planned riot was well coordinated and the rioters had a lot of supplies with them to commit violence. One of the vehicles was even impaled by a large tree limb.

The news release [3] from the Salem Police Department backed up Ngo’s reports, says that the Antifa event was organized to prevent the Freedom Rally caravan from meeting at the state Capitol. 

The police said that before noon, “100 individuals wearing black clothing and ballistic vests and carrying firearms, bats, skateboard, umbrellas, shields and gas masks arrived on the Capitol mall grounds. Some individuals from the group carried Youth Liberation Front flags, a group known to espouse leftwing ideologies.”

The police department got reports that the Antifa terrorists were tagging vehicles driving by with paint filled balloons, rocks and other hard objects being thrown at them as they passed.

The police finally declared the event an “unlawful assembly” and ordered the groups to exit as they closed streets.

Not deterred by the police however, the Antifa terrorists took their violence to the surrounding streets, participating in altercations and property damage. 

As usual, only a handful of them were arrested.

One person who WAS arrested was a man who participated in the rally who was pepper sprayed and had his truck surrounded by the Antifa mob who were carrying weapons. He got out of his truck and pulled a gun to protect himself, telling the attacking mob “Get away from me.”

That kind of self-protection is not allowed and he had to get on the ground and was easily arrested by the police as the Antifa mob yelled “f*ck you, Proud Boy.”

Self-protection will also not be allowed by the Democrat party which is why gun control is one of their number one priorities. 

They are reconstructing a new America and everyone will comply. There will be no push back and no self-protection if they have anything to say about it.