Trump didn’t just fight for America and Americans.

Trump didn’t just call out the fake media.

Trump didn’t just push back on the corrupt and evil democrats.

Trump was a check on the Republicans.

A check that was badly needed for decades.

There was a reason we started the “Tea Party.”

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We had put up with a lifetime of Republicans who wouldn’t fight for conservative American principles and we were sick of it.

Republicans have been every bit as much of a problem as the democrats have been. Maybe more of the problem.

And our Tea Party never really had “leader” until Trump came along.

Most Republicans just don’t want to fight for anything. 

And they certainly don’t want to be in power because that shines a spotlight on them. They are harassed by the media and have to answer questions.

That’s not any fun.

What Rinos love to do to bask in the glory of letting the democrats be in power. That allows the Republicans to be silent most of the time, not do much work, make speeches and pretend to care about us by proposing legislation that won’t go anywhere.

They don’t need to worry about doing anything to protect our rights or the Constitution. They don’t need to worry about doing what they were voted in to do because they are “not in power.”

With the probable inauguration of (Un)President Biden coming up and a Harris administration soon after, the Rinos are ALREADY showing their true colors by approving a disgusting $2.3 trillion Coronavirus bill and overriding Trump’s veto of the National Defense Authorization Act.

Without Trump, the Republicans are free to be the Rinos and turncoats that they always strive to be.

Rino and failed Republican New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is ALWAYS a public turncoat when it’s able to earn him the affection of the leftist media. Christie turned Rino right away after the fraudulent presidential election. 

Without a real job and currently registered as a lobbyist, Christie decided he wanted to audition for a gig on CNN by squawking at Trump to please please please accept the fake election results. “It’s time to move on” Christie said to Trump when interviewed by his friends in the media. “Accept the results of the election” he lectured Trump.

And hysterically enough, on the Hugh Hewitt show recently, Christie actually talked about possibly running for president in 2024. HA HA HA HA HA . I can’t even think of two people who would actually vote for him. Maybe he has two family members who would. Or he can ask the democrats to hook him up with some Dominion voting machines.

Then we have Republican Rino Florida Senator Marco Rubio who recently made sure that families of illegals got money from the coronavirus bill. What a guy! This is the sort of thing that tanked his prospect of winning the Republican Presidential primary in 2016.

So as bad as the democrats will be for the next two years or four years…eternity really…the Republicans will frustrate us even more because they won’t fight for us. 

They don’t realize the importance of the coup that is taking place and what the democrats have planned for us.

The Rinos are total losers and without Trump around to push back on things, they will get worse and worse.

They just won’t put in the work to do anything meaningful to stop the destruction of our country and the Constitution.

And they could care less about protecting the integrity of the election system and fighting against massive voter fraud – now or in the future.

Rino Republican Utah Senator Mitt Romney can always be counted on to join the democrats when the crap hits the fan and we need courageous politicians to save the republic. 

Romney said the the Republican’s attempt to overturn Biden’s “win” threatens our democracy. No surprise there that Romney can be counted on for NOTHING even close to saving the republic.

And then you have Republican Senator Pat Toomey who represents Pennsylvania where voter fraud was rampant. He has decided to defend democratic voter fraud and his own reputation. When discussing the plans to reject the fraudulent election results, he said, “On Wednesday, I intend to vigorously defend our form of government by opposing this effort to disenfranchise millions of voters in my state and others.” 

Most Senators and Congressional Representatives didn’t go into politics to preserve our republic no matter what kind of oath they swore. It’s just about power and money for all of them.

And now the comical and ineffective Rinos are whining and bitching about working Americans getting a $2000 stimulus check even though they were perfectly fine signing on to a fraud of a coronavirus bill with billions going to other countries.

All of a sudden, they are deficit hawks.

All of a sudden, giving money to working Americans is going to break the treasury.

Give me a break. 

These Republicans are every bit the creeps that the democrats are, but with worse marketing.

Denying Americans extra money during a pandemic when trillions are going out everywhere else doesn’t make them look good at all.

But they are okay with that. 

They might even be purposely trying to throw the Senate into democrat hands.

As long as the Rinos can keep their cushy job with monetary and personal benefits… as long as they can do as little work as possible… as long as the media leaves them alone… they will be happy.

And in the meantime…

Screw their constituents, screw the Constitution and screw the country in general.

Without Trump, we’re back to status quo of trying to survive what the government does to us.