Most people who are up on current events know that Kamala Harris is the chosen one to be President. 

That was the Obama plan from the beginning. 

It didn’t work the way he wanted because she wasn’t popular with the democrats or with blacks and had to drop out after never getting above about 6% support in the primary. 

And she was DESTROYED by Tulsi Gabbard in one of the primary debates. It was both well deserved and entertaining to watch.

Harris was a horrible California Attorney General and Tulsi exposed that. 

Gabbard also exposed the truth about Harris blocking evidence that would have freed an innocent man on death row until the courts made her do so. 

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Tulsi’s only failure in the debate was forgetting to point out the fact that as San Francisco District Attorney, Harris didn’t prosecute a single case involving abusive priests in order to protect her donor base. 

Not only would Harris not turn over the evidence collected by the preceding DA – it all somehow got “lost.”

How convenient. I’m sure the Catholic Church and the donors from the church were very happy about that.

But no matter. 

Nothing that Harris did, not even sleeping her way into politics, is going to stop her from being the chosen one.

She will ascend to the presidency because that’s who Obama wants as the frontwoman for his mob organization. 

They are simpatico.

So far, Biden is safe in his job because he’s got the progressive agenda on overdrive with his Executive Orders, doing the bidding for Obama, AOC and the rest of the crazies.

That’s pretty easy though because Biden doesn’t actually know what he’s doing. He’s just reading things or regurgitating what they feed to him in the earpiece. Once he’s not able to read anymore, the democrats are going to be in big trouble.

So while most of us understand that Harris is going to take over the presidency soon, we’re left wondering how it will happen. 

What’s the plan?

Here are the options that I believe are in the democratic game plan, in order of how they would probably prefer to get rid of him.

1. An Agreement was Made with Biden to Step Down

This is the easiest way but it’s a little precarious. It allows Biden to have fun being president for a little while but the democrats have to take into consideration that if he’s really enjoying the job a lot, he might go back on the agreement.

The other problem that the democrats have is that Biden might to forget that he even made the agreement in the first place.

That’s where Jill comes in. 

The deal would have had to be made with her in the room because she might, at some point, have to remind her husband that he has to step down and she might also have to talk him into it again.

2. Coronavirus

No, the democrats probably don’t want to kill Biden but giving him COVID-19 is an easy way to slow walk his removal. It wouldn’t be so bad for them if he got sick and weak and then decided to resign on his own (or with Jill’s insistence) because he realizes that he can’t do the job.

If Biden doesn’t want to leave the presidency because of the virus, the democrats could use the 25th Amendment. 

Pelosi is all set for that. 

While Trump was still president, she introduced a bill to create a commission on presidential capacity under the 25th amendment. She admitted at the time that it wasn’t intended specifically for President Trump (wink, wink). The bill didn’t get voted on but it’s all ready to go.

So while Biden is quarantined with the virus, Harris would be there in a trial dry run presidency, getting people used to the idea for a few weeks or months while Obama and the dems work to transition her permanently into being 47.

3. 25th Amendment – Dementia

Biden is not mentally capable of being president and everyone knows it. Even the democrats know it. 

But that didn’t stop the democrats from pulling out all the stops and manipulating the election in order to get rid of Trump. 

That was job #1. 

Job #2 is figuring out what to do with Biden. 

It will be embarrassing for the democrats to get rid of Biden this way but if it needs to be done, it will be done – and the leftist media will provide cover for them.

There’s plenty of evidence that Biden is not cognitively well. Not well enough to do his job and the leftist media is already starting to talk about it.

It was only a week ago when Politico came out with their story about how Biden would forget things on the campaign trail and how he obsessively memorized parts of speeches.

Isn’t it funny how the leftist media tries to be “honest” after they get what they want and move onto their new goals?

And just the other day, while signing Executive Orders, Biden is on video showing the world that he has no idea what he’s doing. While signing some of the orders, he says he doesn’t know what he’s signing. Off camera, someone says to sign it anyway and he does.

Just like when Jill takes his arm and steers him where to go and appears in a lot of his interviews to help him out, it looks like Biden has plenty of people around to direct him on what to do.

4. Impeachment – Family Corruption

The Biden family is deeply embedded into the same corruption scams that Hillary Clinton was into. Like most democrats, Biden is profiting off being in politics by steering “opportunities” to his family members and running his pay-to-play schemes.

The Biden family has had deals everywhere, many documented in Peter Schweizer’s book “Profiles in  Corruption” and the media has covered it up. The democrats allow it to go on. They cover for each other.

A lot of the Biden deals are with foreign countries like China, putting our national security at risk and with Biden trading personal favors for policy decisions like he did – caught on tape no less – with the quid pro quo in the Ukraine.

It wouldn’t be hard at all to impeach Biden over his shady deals. They are all over the place and easy to find.

Embarrassing but not hard. 

And if they actually try to impeach him, it will be interesting to see if Biden will sell out any of his “friends” on the corruption that they’re involved in. 

The writing is on the wall. Biden’s expiration date for the democrats doesn’t seem to be too far off. 

The ball is on the field and we’re waiting for the play.