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Wednesday Electoral College Certification Will Prove Dramatic

In a probably successful effort to make sure they aren’t primaried by Trump pitchfork brigades, GOP members of the Senate, led by Ted Cruz, and the House, led by Mo Brooks, will no doubt eloquently and dramatically object to congressional certification of the Electoral College results in regards to several states. These lawmakers do not have the votes on either side of the aisle or in either chamber to make it stick. So the effort is DOA. Thus, it is merely a PR stunt to keep Trump and his supporters on their side.

If it has usefulness in revealing Democrat election corruption that is a good thing. But anyone who thinks it is a legitimate chance to overturn the election results is in for a bad day. Sadly, many of Trump’s wilder supporters have been saying just that to their gullible followers. Like fringe groups such as QAnon, they think the seeming election loss then last minute victory for Trump is part of some larger “plan” designed and executed by Trump. That, of course, is bat guano crazy.

FNC: “Republicans in Congress are staking out their positions ahead of Wednesday’s joint session to certify the Electoral College results. Some members are throwing their support behind Trump-backed challenges to votes in states President-elect Joe Biden won and others are warning of the dangers of such an extraordinary effort to essentially overturn the presidential election. The Wednesday showdown in the Capitol, which could bleed into Thursday or even beyond depending on how long Trump allies in Congress try to drag it out, will set up the ultimate loyalty test to the president for Republicans. Do they back Trump’s unsubstantiated claims to the bitter end or do they break with the president, potentially leading to a Trump-backed primary challenge, as the president has already promised against several high-profile members of his party? Trump is already preemptively attacking Republicans who might not back the efforts to reject electors from blue states.”

But Trump is whistling upon his own political graveyard. All the lame duck impotent threats will not change the course of events on Wednesday. He can bluster and fume, but nothing will come of it. Sad it has come to this. But given his actions since election day, serves him right.

This piece was written by David Kamioner on January 4, 2021. It originally appeared in DrewBerquist.com [2] and is used by permission.

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