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Treatment of Nashville Bombing is Another Example of Selective Law Enforcement and Use of Resources

Selective law enforcement.

We’ve been seeing it all year during the pandemic and the rioting. 

We have witnessed a new world that shows us that if you’re a real criminal, committing arson and violence in the name of racial justice you are usually protected. 

But if you are a law-abiding taxpayer pursuing your constitutional rights and trying to stop the government from destroying your life from illegal and unconstitutional emergency pandemic orders, you are on your own while you are relentlessly pursued by the “law.” 

We also have political targeting going on unchecked with republicans being targeted and democrats being sheltered from prosecution.

Add to that an increase in crime in large democratic-ran cities across the country and an abundance of criminal cases becoming cold cases because they don’t get enough press or because the victims aren’t important enough to garner any urgency.

There are DNA swabs of murderers and rapists sitting in police stations all across the country with no real drive for them to get processed quickly regardless of how many innocent people could be harmed in the future.

There seems to be no urgent race to solve criminal cases that will protect the general public from violence and death. 

But lickety-split, like in an episode of Law & Order, the DNA was ran immediately after the Nashville bombing. In only two days, we were being told exactly who the bomber was [1]. 

But the Nashville bomber was dead and no longer a threat to anybody. So what was the rush?

The rush was for law enforcement to save face and look efficient in the midst of a much publicized attack on a large American city.

I think the American public deserves the same urgency as it pertains to finding murderers and violent offenders who are roaming the country – and are still alive to go after us.

I would love to see a law that requires DNA from rapes and murders to be ran through the CODIS database within four days of the crime being committed. Imagine how many lives could be saved if the police could match DNA to a violent criminal that fast. 

There actually IS an urgency to do that. It would save lives.

Besides solving the initial crime, law enforcement could possibly solve dozens more crimes that might have been committed in the past. And by finding out who the criminal is, the murderers and rapists can be kept away from the public before they strike again.

What a novel concept.

There are thousands of rape and murder cases all over the country that get no attention and are easily ignored until they catch the attention of the media to get solved. 

An FBI report in 2019 [2] shows that 1,203,808 violent crimes were committed that year.

How many cold cases have DNA sitting in storage that hasn’t even been tested?

I am surprised that the liberals are not crying and screaming about this – because there are sure to be “marginalized” victims all over the country. People of color who haven’t received justice.

But, alas, the democrats have become a pro-criminal party. They have chosen the side of the criminal over the victim and their Soros-funded and Soros-installed district attorneys and judges all over the United States have their back so that criminals are protected as much as possible.

So we are just the unprotected out here, the little people, the targets. We seem to be on our own more and more. 

We are the potential future crime victims at the mercy of the priority list of law enforcement. 

Maybe it’s always been that way. But it seems to be getting worse and more apparent every day.

The Illinois State Police was all giddy in the beginning of December when they announced that they had reduced their backlog of DNA samples [3] from 9,289 in March of 2019 to 4,857 on November 30th.

They are proud that DNA samples are only sitting around for an average of 110 days now instead of 247. 

Why does anyone think this is acceptable or some sort of grand achievement?

What happened to the innocent people in those 110 days who ran into those 4,857 criminals that are roaming the streets? How many more crimes were committed by those 4,857 criminals that could have been prevented?

And this change in Illinois to reduce the DNA backlog was only made because of a TV segment that was done by CBS about a possible serial killer who might be linked to 50 unsolved strangulation cases going back to 2001.

Almost as abhorrent an issue is when the law gets twisted in order to benefit one political party. That’s a gross example of a corrupt country and shouldn’t be acceptable to anyone.

The FBI has become very slow when they don’t want to solve certain cases for political reasons.

What’s going on with all of the voter fraud accusations? 

What about the Russia Hoax?

What about the investigation into Hunter Biden’s laptop?

The FBI could care less about these things. 

There are a lot of things that the FBI could care less about and it’s pretty much anything having to do with going after democrats. 

On the surface, it appears that some of the higher ups in the FBI consider job preservation to be paramount and targeting democrats does not give you a long career.

But we know that the FBI CAN jump fast when they think it’s “important.”

I’m sure we can all remember how quickly the FBI solved the “Noose Hoax” concerning black Nascar driver Bubba Wallace. That case was figured out pretty darn quick with LOTS of agents who were assigned to the case. 

No one was killed or raped in the Bubba Wallace hoax but the FBI spared no expense solving this “crime” as soon as possible. The FBI was in the spotlight and the leftists demanded action ASAP.

And as I said above, the FBI was “Johnny on the spot” with the recent investigation of the Nashville bomber because it was all over the news.

So when they want to, the FBI and other law enforcement agencies can actually do their job pretty quickly. 

It seems that some of them just need the right incentives.

When they have the right impetus to solve a crime, they will provide the man (or woman) power, the money, the DNA analysis, the resources and whatever else it takes to get the job done.

Maybe they’ll start doing that for the rest of us out here sometime soon.

As a crime junkie who watches a lot of crime shows and listens to crime podcasts, I want criminals charged, tried and sentenced to what they really deserve. But that is often NOT happening. 

Liberals cry about the fact that criminals should be treated better.

Well, I say that the victims should be treated better – no matter what color they are or what sex or what religion. 

And that crimes should be equally charged and prosecuted no matter who committed them.

Why is it up to law enforcement to decide who gets charged and brought into the police department? A crime is a crime. It shouldn’t be a judgement call.

Why is it up to the prosecutor to decide if they go to trial with a case or not? Why can’t the victim decide – or the family of the victim if they are deceased?

Why can the prosecutor make a plea deal without the consent of the victim or their family?

I have the greatest respect for the law enforcement community and realize what a tough job that they have. However, due to democratic corruption in law enforcement, a lack of funding (also a democrat issue with their defunding the police plans) and the increasing protection of criminals, we are now facing a new era of lawlessness in our country. 

And things were bad enough already.