- Steve Gruber - https://www.stevegruber.com -

Tragic Day On Capitol Hill

What happened on Capitol Hill on Wednesday could have been avoided. The date could have been changed so as not to try and physically intimidate the Congress. Donald Trump Jr. could have not told Congress, “we’re coming for you.” Rudy Giuliani could have not called the day “a trial by combat.” The president of the United States could not have tried to imitate the Beer Hall Putsch or Mussolini’s March on Rome. But they did and blood was spilled. It is on their hands.

Most of the people in DC for the rally were gullible yet law abiding individuals engaged in a futile effort. But some were not. Some were dangerous yahoos who came to town to make trouble. They found it.

Were there leftist agent provocateurs in the crowd? Possibly. But those who claim that seem to show on social media a picture of the same several people (led by Buffalo Horns guy) to make their assertion. Several people out of the thousands there and out of the many who assaulted the capitol. Not a very large force to control thousands.

The day was tragic for myriad reasons. A life was lost. The halls of our government were attacked by insurrectionists. Our nation was held up to ridicule and embarrassment in front of the world. Terrorists tried to intervene in the democratic process. And yet, some excuse it.

The same people who legitimately abhorred Antifa and Black Lives Matter thugs last year now cheer their own thugs this year. But mobs are all the same, the same ignorance, the same hysteria, the same frothing hatred for ordered liberty.

Some bravely condemned the violence. Senators Ben Sasse, Kelly Loeffler, and Lindsey Graham pulled no punches in their gutsy calls against the mob and, by implication, against its instigator. Even Mitt Romney did well, calling a spade a spade in the case of the president.

For the president is a man who deserves pity and condemnation. Pity, because he could have played kingmaker in 2024. Now his brand is ruined, as reasonable people not prone to condoning political violence run from him like the plague. Condemnation because his early afternoon speech instigated the violence and specifically called for the mob to go to the capitol. He knew the mob was furious over his loss, knew they were frustrated by losing Georgia, knew they were driven by raw emotion, and he sent them to the capitol anyway.

That is why members of his administration are resigning Wednesday night. That is why, except for a weak gesture, he has been in seclusion all day. That is why his own cabinet members are talking about invoking the 25th Amendment and Congress is again talking impeachment with only two weeks to go in his term. After that two weeks this republic of laws, not demagogues, will hopefully be rid of him for good. It is a hope that may not come to pass.