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Mr. “Don’t Wear a Mask” Fauci Trashes Trump for His Own Mistakes

Dr. Anthony Fauci was an inherited mess that former President Trump received as part of Operation Warp Speed. 

As the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, he obviously had to be part of the COVID-19 response even though he was a failed and partisan deep state bureaucrat. 

Trump gave Fauci way to much power and too large a microphone which proved to be detrimental to many Americans who died from a virus that Fauci originally told everyone not to worry about.

From the beginning, Fauci proved to be inept and a liar. 

This didn’t really surprise me much, after learning of of his deep love and admiration [1] for Hillary Clinton, professed in emails uncovered by WikiLeaks.

Fauci had emailed, “Wow! Very rarely does a speech bring me to tears, but this one did. Talk about telling it like it is. This was a bases-loaded home run. Please tell the Secretary (Clinton) that I love her more than ever, you guys too of course.”

Fauci had told us at the beginning of 2020 that the virus wasn’t going to be a problem for the United States. He said the danger from the Wuhan virus was “just minuscule” based on his own bad assessment of the situation and lies from China and the World Health Organization [2] (WHO).

At the end of February, he was still not alarmed [3]about the virus and told people that it was safe to go the movies, malls and gyms.

He also lied and told us we didn’t need to wear a mask. He said, “there is absolutely no reason whatsoever to wear a mask” and that the virus “isn’t something the American public needs to worry about or be frightened about” because there was a “very very low risk to the United States.”

Instead of being honest and telling us that they needed to get the masks to the frontline workers first, he lied and said that we didn’t need to wear them, forever destroying any future credibility with millions of people.

Later, when Fauci finally realized the threat to our nation that the virus posed, he went totally overboard with his fear mongering. His astronomical predictions of doom and death were hugely overstated. Over-guessed really since he had no data or science to back him up.

In March, he told us that 1.7 million people [4] could die in the United States which led to lockdowns all across the country.

Even before joining Operation Warp Speed after the emergence of COVID-19, Fauci has a history of failure [5] going back to 1984 that includes re-directing $117 million from the infectious disease fund to an anthrax vaccine program after the attacks on September 11, 2001. Billions would be moved over into a biological defense initiative.

The result, many thought, including the journal Nature [6], was taking precious money away from infectious-disease research which is an area that poses a greater threat to public health.

Fauci also failed in his response to AIDS. According to a book called “Good Intentions” Fauci did everything he could to make sure he had a monopoly over AIDS in the federal government even though he was seen as a “lackluster scientist.” 

Instead of focusing on anti-retroviral drugs that actually became the reason why large numbers of people finally stopped dying, Fauci wanted a vaccine approach. 

Sound familiar? 

Yes, why treat people with Hydroxychloroquine or Regeneron when a vaccine is on the way? Why focus on treating people who need help now so that they don’t die?

The book’s author writes, “Tony Fauci’s managerial incompetence had exacted a staggering cost. By 1987, more than a million Americans were infected by the AlDS virus. Not a single drug treatment had come out of the government’s enormous biomedical research system. In the end, Fauci barely survived by handing over control of the government’s only AIDS drug trial program [to a pharmaceutical company].”

Fauci has still yet to come up with a vaccine that can stop the AIDS virus and somehow he is still the Director of NIAID. And he’s also the Chief Medical Advisor to Joe Biden.

Fauci’s failures never seemed to be highlighted by the leftist media though. 

Because there seemed to be a strained relationship between Fauci and Trump, the leftist media decided that Tony was to be the Coronavirus “star” and made sure he was in the spotlight. They backed him up when he disagreed with Trump.

Still in the middle of making bad decisions and giving bad advice, Fauci is very excited that Biden is re-joining WHO. He spoke at a U.N. health agency’s executive board meeting last week and said, “The United States stands ready to work in partnership and solidarity to support the international COVID-19 response, mitigate its impact on the world, strengthen our institutions, advance epidemic preparedness for the future and improve the health and well-being of all people throughout the world.”

And now that Fauci is part of the Biden administration, he’s onboard with trashing Trump for his own mistakes.

It’s not the first time though. Fauci complained that the country “could’ve saved lives” if we had started mitigation efforts early. What a fraud. The “30 Days to Slow the Spread information” was released on March 16th, which was about two weeks after Fauci was still saying that there was no reason to be alarmed by the virus.

Fauci gave praise to Operation Warp Speed while he was a part of it. He said that he could’t imagine how “anybody could be doing more” when talking about the Trump administration’s response to the pandemic. 

That, of course, didn’t stop him from being partisan and complaining about the GOP using those words in a pro-Trump ad.

Fauci also said he was never in a room where there was a situation where Trump and his administration ignored something that he told them was scientifically the right thing to do. No, he said, Trump listened and asked a lot of questions and never overrode any of his recommendations.

Of course, now Biden’s BFF Fauci has done a complete 180 and is trashing Trump. Because he’s back on the democrat team, he’s pedaling BS to the media. He said recently that working with Biden was “liberating” as if he was never able to contradict Trump at news conferences – which he did.

At a White House briefing [7], Fauci said, “The idea that you can get up here and talk about what you know – what the evidence, what the science is – and know that it, let the science speak, it is somewhat of a liberating feeling.”

The 80-year-old deep state swamp rat should be sitting on a beach somewhere (with a mask) and not still be embedded in the decision-making process of our pandemic response. 

He’s been inside of our government way too long, through five presidents. 

It’s time for him to ride off into the sunset and let someone better take the reins. Someone who could be a little more believable and could lead the country in making actual progress in the fight against the virus.

But that probably won’t happen. The octogenarian most likely be around for a while. 

The democrats appreciate and reward ineptness as long as it comes with partisan loyalty so they can craft the message they want America to receive.