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Swalwell Scandal More Than About Sex

Okay granted, it is amusing to guffaw at hapless Rep. Eric “Hindenburg” Swalwell, Democrat of California, and his Chinese spy/mistress. The goofy Swalwell likely played right into the hands of Fang Fang (not a name we made up) and her “Secrets of the Orient” talents. How they must have laughed at Chinese Intelligence HQ at the boudoir antics of the stumbling awkward Swalwell and his no doubt eager inclinations to engage in classified pillow talk with Fang.

But this happened in 2015. That means for five years, including a presidential run, this guy had had access, by his spot on the House Intelligence Committee, to very classified data. He still has that access, as Nancy Pelosi is once again putting party above country and refusing to remove him from the Committee.

And also for four years Chinese Intelligence had Swalwell compromised. They likely threatened him with the exposure of the scandal unless he gave them classified data. Pelosi knew, Trump probably knew because the FBI and CIA knew. Nothing was done about it by anyone and Swalwell continued to have classified access.

This has happened before in the West. In perhaps the greatest spy coup ever achieved by an Intelligence service, the Russians planted three deep cover agents at the heart of the British establishment in the 1930s. These traitors, Kim Philby, Guy Burgess, and Donald Maclean of the Cambridge Five spy ring, rose to the top of the British national security ziggarut during WWII and stayed there for years afterwards. This gave them the opportunity to pass on allied Intelligence during the war to the Russians. During the Cold War they passed on American and British secrets that helped Russia build their own atomic bomb and the three aided communist governments in Eastern Europe to crush anti-communist resistance movements during the late 40s and early 50s. They were never brought to justice. They escaped to Moscow and died Soviet heroes.

Eric Swalwell has had that kind of access to American secrets as well. God knows how many innocent lives have been lost around the world because Swalwell squealed to his Chicom mistress.

Yet he still sits on the Intelligence Committee. We understand Pelosi wanting him there, as she is all for anything that hurts America. Kevin McCarthy is making an issue of it. Good for him. But perhaps an outgoing president could drum up some public indignation on this subject. It could give him a last win in a post election season that has not been kind to him and it would serve American interests here and abroad. One last time Mr. President, do something great for America and get this compromised communist patsy off of that Committee and out of Congress. It would make for a hell of a start for Trump 2024.