Matt DePerno the lawyer in the case that opened up Antrim County, Michigan and its Dominion voting machines for a deep forensic evaluation says he believes the election there was ‘rigged’.

DePerno, who has been on the case since first filing suit against the County on November 23rd says clearly when it comes to allegations of election fraud, “this is by far the most important case in the country.” Despite claims by some members of President Trumps legal team recently, DePerno is clear, his client William Bailey and his case are not connected to anything The White House is doing to challenge the outcome of the 2020 Election. He said he would share what he could but only when it was legally allowed and appropriate.

DePerno who appeared before Judge Kevin Elsenheimer as the judge was considering allowing the entry of the Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson into the case, said “this case is a matter of national security and it should be treated as such.” Nothing is more important than the security of our elections and they must be protected against any intrusion.

During the short hearing Thursday afternoon DePerno told the court the team from ASOG had discovered enough evidence during the ongoing forensic evaluation to conclude that Antrim County and its election are “not certifiable’, and went on to say, “the board of canvassers made a mistake by making that certification.”

Judge Elsenheimer did allow Secretary of State Benson to join the case but that is not the biggest issue at hand says the Kalamazoo attorney.

The biggest issue by far says DePerno is the protective order placed on the case by the judge when he ruled last Friday that Bailey and the forensic team could have access to evaluate the Dominion voting machines, hardware and related equipment.

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The protective order is for all intents and purposes a gag order that prevents him from sharing what has been found through the investigation.

DePerno told me the next step is filing a motion for relief from the protective order. “Americans have a right to know what has been found with these Dominion machines and they have a right to know what has been going on during our elections,” DePerno said. “Like I said before, this is a matter of national security- because right now I am not convinced that our elections are not secure at all.”

It is not clear when the motion to lift the protective order might be filed.