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Dems Never Want America to be Great Again Because Successful People Don’t Need Government

Talk show host Rush Limbaugh talked on Monday about the democrat’s pushback of wanting America to be great again. They rejected the idea from the moment that Trump came out with the slogan.

Elected democrats have had a strategy of telling everyone that America sucks since their very existence. 

It’s been their main scheme to keep or regain their power (until they came up with massive voter fraud). 

Democrats always need a victim constituency that they can promise to help and make their lives better. 

They have to keep people down and out, in despair and in poverty. That way, the democrats can pretend to care and offer solutions that will never actually work. 

Their solutions were never intended to work because to have a successful, prosperous America would deem the democrat party irrelevant. 

The ignorant masses who vote for the lyin’ dems don’t seem to understand it’s the democrats who have given them their problems to begin with.

A successful America is certainly not an America that democrats thrive in. They don’t want a good economy, a strong military, or anything else that makes America successful. That would mean the American people don’t need them – or the government. That would be awful.

So through the educational system, they make sure to churn out liberal drones who think that the country is horrible and that it was founded by racists – which means that ultimately the Constitution is invalid. 

Do they even teach the Constitution anymore? Not much. And not much history either. 

The dems can’t let their ignorant masses know the real history of the country and how inept the democratic party is – or their own racist history. Dems deal in emotions, not facts.

And as we look into the abyss of absolute democratic control for a fair part of the rest of our lives if the democrats steal the Senate election in November, we can at least be satisfied that because of Trump, we know that the American people CAN truly be in control of their own country – even if only for four years.

All this time, we thought that only the government could be in control. That the Constitution promised us a dream that rarely happened.

But with Trump, we now know that freedom is attainable and that the Constitution works when adhered to and when the leader of the country believes in it. 

Trump has left us a road map to a successful and prosperous America. 

We have proof of concept.