Two events on Monday were very bad for the president in his campaign to win back the presidency. Both have to do with perception. One is also a process issue. Attorney General Bill Barr resigned, more likely was fired, and Joe Biden won the Electoral College. Congressional certification is likely to follow.

We do find it interesting that the same people who were posting “Thug Life” memes about Barr are now saying he was a secret deep state agent the entire time and now that his job of damaging the president is over, he has been paid off to go away.

How clever in betrayal Barr was then to make John Durham a special counsel so Durham can continue to investigate the Russia hoax. How ingenious in double cross he was to crack down hard on riots and label them “Bolshevik.” How devilishly sly a back stabber he was to support the president through thick and thin during impeachment and the Russian hoax. How subterranean a player he was when he dropped all charges against General Flynn.

Ah yes, a commie mole indeed! Uh huh, much like myself. When I see him next week at the commie mole Happy Hour at the Davos Hilton, must be sure to compare Swiss bank accounts and Martian vacation homes.

The perception among some reasonable people will be that even Barr, stout defender of the president heretofore, was not happy when dinged by the president for following DOJ rules on the Hunter Biden case and for his legal, not political, analysis on the national prevalence of election fraud. Barr is the nation’s top law enforcement official. He wasn’t, nor should he have been, a member of the president’s reelection team. Some people do not seem to understand the difference between the nation’s top law enforcement official and an RNC lawyer.

Do we want the US Attorney General a nakedly partisan hack? Or do we want him upholding the law? Do we want him the president’s advocate and lawyer? Or the person who follows the law of the land and only the law as written, regardless of personal feelings? Barr didn’t tell the president about the Hunter Biden investigation because there are DOJ rules against disclosure of the details of an ongoing probe. Should Barr have broken them to give the president a political advantage?

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Yes, it’s frustrating that the Left has and will use the AG’s office for obvious party political operations. Bill Barr didn’t allow that. Bad politics, but good for the country.

The more ominous development for the president is his loss in the Electoral College on Monday. A court would now have to overturn an Electoral College result resting on perceived constitutional norms. Yes, the Congress still must certify the result. Would they spark a worse national political crisis by throwing the election to the House, as fair and just in the larger sense as that may be? When push comes to shove, how many establishment Republican members of Congress, because no Democrat will, will vote to veto an Electoral College result? Annnnd, there’s your answer to the bigger question and as to what will happen on January 20th.