Since Tuesday we’ve learned some new lessons, but have mostly confirmed old notions. To wit:

1) Half of your countrymen hate your guts, politically. Face it. There is no more one America, American way, or United States. It’s done if it ever existed. It’s us and it’s them, politically. Sure, in a lot of other ways things can go on fine. Just like they go on fine with our relationships with lots of people from other countries. Doesn’t mean civil war or anything like that quite yet. It means we are in national quicksand and we’ve got to do something about it.

A constitutional convention, an amendment to the Constitution, peaceful transition of national boundaries, whatever. Can’t go on like this. A nation half desiring of freedom and the other half desiring of socialism is not a viable polity.

2) Your votes don’t matter in a lot of places. If you’re a conservative and you live in a deep blue state you are irrelevant, impotent, neutered, politically. You don’t matter. You are an unperson. No matter what you do or think, you will always be a powerless minority and it’s gonna get worse. You choose to live there. So it better be a nice place. Nice enough to compensate for your individual political oblivion at least in the national sense.

3) Democrats will steal anything not nailed down by law, and then some. As you read this, in many battleground states ballot harvesting is happening on a scale that dwarfs 1960, the last time a presidential election was stolen. And it’s blatant. They’re not trying to hide it anymore because they know media won’t report their hijinks. Their actions will fall into an Orwellian memory hole. Case in point being Biden’s upcoming announcement that he won. You’ll hear it Thursday or Friday. It has no basis in reality, as the courts will have the final say. But the media will report it as fact.

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3) Many people think the media decides elections. I’ve gotten many calls and texts from people saying we’ve lost because this pundit or that network says we have. Uh, no. It’s going to the courts and the president will hang tough until a final decision is made there. If we lose he leaves the White House and we have, gulp, a very different America coming up. But not until we lose. That hasn’t happened yet.

4) When all evidence is to the contrary, only cretins, morons, children, and hysterical types publicly predict a landslide. For the Dems it’s the usual mode because they can’t see past their ideology. Sadly, we have the same in our Red Tsunami chorus. Their emotional overdrive is a bane to both parties and to the republic. We need reasoned judgement for the country to make competent political decisions, not screaming meemie barking from any quarter.