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Watch out Trump Supporters – the Democratic Gestapo Will Be Coming After You Even More if Biden Wins

We’ve already been under attack from the democrats and their leftist friends for the past four years.

They censor us, they lock us out of social media, they call us racists, they go after our businesses, they destroy companies who dare to support Trump and they try to run us down at Trump events.

And now they’re threatening to get our heads right if Biden happens to win the election.

We must be re-educated because we’re just not acceptable to the democrats.

Get your bags packed so they can send you to a socially distanced re-education camp.

Robert Reich, a UC Berkeley professor (and former labor secretary for the Clinton administration) is calling for a “Truth and Reconciliation Commission [1].”

Funny how the democrats always think they are the ones who have the truth on their side when they are the biggest liars around.

The Commission is needed to “erase Trump’s lies, comfort those who have been harmed by his hatefulness and name every official, politician, executive and media mogul whose greed and cowardice enabled his catastrophe.”

Reich wants to blacklist his political enemies and censor us even more than they already do.

Reich doesn’t believe his idea is radical or undemocratic and his tweets have inspired others on Twitter to call for banning Trump supporters from governmental service for life; packing the courts; a review on Trump appointed federal judges; and using the Nuremberg Trials as a template for going after those who have committed “treasonous” behavior.

Those guilty will be arrested, tried, convicted and sent to jail. 

I’m sure it’d be an impartial trial too with a very unbiased democratic judge, right?

I wouldn’t be surprised if the democrats have a plan to start labeling Trump supporting companies on Google and Yelp to try to get customers to stay away from them. They’ll offer some kind of “approval” stamp that they won’t give to Trump supporting companies. Getting an approval stamp would depend on supporting democrats, BLM and all of their insane policies.

Therein also a writer for The Medium website [2] named Ryze Jaylyn who wants to “fix” us. She wrote a story titled “Now we have an opportunity to try and stamp out that darkness once and for all.”

Stamp out?

And who gives her the right to decide what the definition of darkness is?

She’s not happy with Trump supporters and wants to stamp us out. 

But she’ll peacefully stamp us out – or so she says. 

She thinks she can stamp us out by uniting with us. LOL.

Sorry, honey, but we will never UNITE with communist corrupt evil people who are okay with killing babies after birth and want to destroy the Constitution. 

Nope. No way. Never ever.

She needs to unite with Robert Reich and they can figure out how to send us all to jail because we’re NOT uniting with them. We have no common ground with them. Nothing at all. 

They are radical nut jobs who are invested in censorship, corruption and violence when they don’t get their way. They are not normal or pro-America.

They can just keep their distance from us like the CDC says.

Jaylyn tells us in her article that we don’t even deserve to be helped but they’ll try anyway. They will try to “work” with us even though everything we do is “fear-based masquerading as rage, divisiveness and anger.”

Love is the answer. She wants to forge a relationship with us.

She says America was never truly great and always had a dark side. But she’s still willing to work with us, whatever that means.

And even though she’s spouting love and unification, she ends her story with, “Now we have the opportunity to try to stamp out that darkness once and for all.”

How lovely.

No thanks. I think she needs to move to North Korea where she belongs.

And I think that I will do what I want and think the way I want.

I don’t need any help from any democrats or any of their democratic “love” forced upon me.