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Void of Actual Science, the State of Michigan Still Decides What Their Citizen Hostages are “Allowed” to Do During Pandemic

Stripped of her tyrannical powers, democratic Governor Gretchen Whitmer is working with the health department on her pandemic rules instead of negotiating with the Michigan House and Senate to come up with actual legislation.

The latest edicts for the captives of Michigan include not being able to dine in restaurants for three weeks, not being able to finish out the high school football season and not being “allowed” to do certain things like having more than two households gathered on our own property.

The order says that indoor gatherings “are prohibited at residential venues, except where no more than ten persons from no more than two households are gathered.” 


Sorry, Queen Gretchen but I will not comply with your decrees. After working hard for all the money that I have spent on my mortgage and property taxes, I’ll do whatever I want to do in my own house and in my yard. 

Whatever I want. Period.cThe coward governor wasn’t even the one who announced the rules. She just stood at the press conference and told us all how great she’s handled the pandemic crisis and how we all need to sacrifice more. Yada, yada, yada…

MDHHS Director Robert Gordon was the one who stepped forward to give us all of the new rules. He actually used the word “allow” during his speech as if he has the right to tell us what to do in our own homes.

Their press release [1] uses the wording “allowed” as well and the actual order [2] says “allow” twice. These democratic dictators just LOVE that word.

What they don’t love is the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

So what kind of science and common sense did they use to come up with their latest orders?

Let’s see… 

Somehow they know that the virus only goes after high school football players, not the college and professional players.

Somehow they know that three households gathering together is bad but two households gathering is acceptable.

Somehow they know that the virus is only really really serious starting Wednesday, November 18th at 12:01 a.m. and it’s not as much of a concern yesterday or today. 

But… but…but… I thought we were in a DIRE situation?

Why are the orders not in effect until Wednesday at 12:01 a.m.??

MCL 333.2253 is an EMERGENCY order. That’s what it says.


But the emergency doesn’t appear to start until Wednesday at 12:01 a.m. according to the state of Michigan. The experts.

What kind of science went into that decision?

Junk science, perhaps?