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Unrestrained Dems Continue to Do What They Want – Including Flying BLM Flags at a Voting Location

The democrats know by now that they can do whatever they want without any repercussions, no shame, no fines, no jail time, nothing. 

Ted Kennedy could murder. Crooked Hillary could commit multiple crimes. Ilan Omar could commit visa and marriage fraud and remain a Representative. The Obama administration could run a coup against the president. 

Hundreds, maybe thousands, of democrats should be in jail right now from crimes committed over the past decade. 

And the list above are only some of the most egregious crimes. There are lots of low-level democrats that should also be in jail as well for what they have been up to. They follow the examples of their great leaders who can get away with anything because of favorable media coverage and the squashing of investigations through political and law enforcement means.

So do they care about election laws? They don’t.

Last week, Kamala Harris grabbed a cordless microphone and shouted at people standing in line to vote in Ohio. 

But don’t worry. It’s not harassment and it doesn’t violate any election laws because she was more than 100 feet away from them and didn’t mention any candidates. Or so says Politifact [1] who wrote a whole article to defend her from annoying the people in line to vote. Even if the democrats technically follow the letter of the law, they usually don’t get close to following the spirit of the law.

Now we have a city in North Carolina that has been flying Black Lives Matter flags [2]on their Town Hall building since July and will not remove them even though their location is an early voting location.

Carrboro, North Carolina, a “progressive” community of about 21,000 people has two Black Lives Matter flags flying in the entrance to their Town Hall Building.

The town received a letter from state election officials to remove the flags but the town have refused. 

The North Carolina Elections Board Executive Director Karen Brinson Bell told them that “flags could be interpreted as an official endorsement of a particular movement and should be removed for the remainder of the early voting period.”

But the Carrboro City Counsel doesn’t care. 

And why should they? What consequences will they pay if they don’t comply? None.