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Tyrant Michigan Governor Whitmer is Destroying the Restaurant Industry in Her State

Democratic Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer hasn’t given up her tyranny over Michiganders. She is now using the health department to release unconstitutional and illegal orders to rule over her state. 

Her emergency orders were struck down by the Michigan Supreme Court but that’s not stopping her from ruling over her subjects in Michigan. Instead of working with the Michigan Congress like the law requires her to do in order to make her pandemic rules, she has chosen to have the state’s health department put all of her edicts through their epidemic orders [1].

Most people don’t even know that Whitmer and her health department friends have banned gatherings in people’s home to 10 people or less. That one is totally laughable. If she thinks she can tell me what I can do in my own home, she’s even more nuts than I thought. 

And if you don’t comply, the health department actually thinks they can imprison you for up to six months and fine you $200.

The big news from the latest epidemic health orders that made it into the news has to do with Whitmer targeting restaurants that are already struggling. 

Many restaurants were closed for months at the beginning of the pandemic. Many still have reduced hours because of reduced staff. A lot of the remaining restaurants are barely hanging on with limited or no indoor seating. With winter coming, their problems will only get worse.

But that’s not enough for Whitmer. With science NOT on her side, she’s decided to order restaurants to take the names and numbers of dine-in customers for contract tracing purposes.

It’s like we live in North Korea.

The order says, “All dine-in food service establishments must maintain accurate records of the names and phone numbers of patrons who purchase food for consumption on the premises, and the date and time of entry.”

How many people are going to give the restaurants real information? Maybe 20%? How many people will give them the phone number 8675309? Yes, Jenny, we’ve got your number.

Some people will argue with the restaurants about it and will leave – or not go there at all. 

Jeff Lobdell, president of Restaurant Partners Management, says, “You have guests that feel it’s intruding on their personal liberties and freedoms and now we’ve got to be the arbitrator of that.”

If the restaurants don’t comply with the nazi state then they will be fined $1000 for each violation.

The restaurant restrictions also include not allowing people to congregate, dance or mingle. They can’t allow people within six feet of each other. They can’t have more than six people per table. And they can’t have more than 50% of capacity among other things.

The CEO of the Michigan Restaurant and Lodging Association, Justin Winslow, doesn’t believe the health department is using existing science and data which shows minimal transmission from dining in restaurants. Winslow says that only about 2% of the cases that Michigan is investigating comes from restaurants.

In September in Michigan, 1000 restaurants had already closed permanently [2]. 

Family businesses and futures lost. 

Winslow estimates 5,000 more restaurants and hotels will close through the winter months – and that was before this new rule that will chase even more customers away.