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The Stolen Election and Voter Fraud Through the BMD Voting Machine

It’s time to discuss the donkey in the room. The HUGE voter fraud issue that doesn’t seem to be getting discussed and investigated like it should be.

I am talking about the Ballot-Marking Devices (BMD’s) that were used all over the country on election day, many for the first time. 

The tampering of these voting systems is where I believe a large degree of the voting fraud exists. Messing with BMD’s can result in tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of vote flips with no one being the wiser.

In the primaries, these voting systems turned out to be a nightmare in Georgia, Pennsylvania and other states.

Because of issues with BMD’s in Georgia primaries, especially Atlanta, there were eight-hour lines because of BMD breakdowns, printer issues, voting card problems and e-poll books not working right. These machines also failed in spectacular fashion at primaries in Los Angeles and around Pennsylvania.

To make a long story short, BMD’s were originally designed for the disabled to use but are now being used as a regular means of voting. 

What happens with these systems is that when someone votes on a BMD, the voter uses a touch screen (or other device) to make their choices and a “ballot” is printed out (or not) that they can check. It prints out with a QR code. They take that ballot to a scanner.

But here’s the problem. The scanner scans the QR code that’s on the ballot. It doesn’t scan the ballot itself.

And who the heck knows what the QR code says? There is NO WAY to check that. 

There is no way to know if the QR code has the same information as a printed ballot even if you look at it.

Surprisingly, many liberal websites like Salon have complained about these voting machines in the past but that didn’t stop the voting systems from being installed all across the country.

Salon [1] reported in early October 2019 that at least 130,000 new BMD voting machines were obtained by counties and states across the country and were being thrust out in the primaries for the first time.

They report, as other websites have, that the BMD counting software “cannot be shielded from manipulation by bad actors” and auditing tools won’t catch any hacking.

How lovely. Cheating that can’t be detected. Sounds like a dream for democrats.

So in addition to the many places that received these machines, guess what big cities in Pennsylvania received them? Yes, that’s right – Pittsburg and Philadelphia [2]. And the entire state of Georgia used them. 

So when Georgia does a recount, what exactly are they recounting? Bar codes? If there is election fraud, the recount will just be recounting the election fraud.

These voting systems are actually used in one way or another in all but two or three states as reported here [3].

Even civil rights activists have said that these systems aren’t trustworthy. They say that printing a ballot summary card with a QR code or bar code is NOT transparent. Voters cannot review a bar code.

So all you really need to do to flip a bunch of Trump votes to Biden votes is to re-program the software to print out votes on the printed “ballot” for the voter but submit a whole different set of votes when submitting the totals.

No one would ever know.

Even when the BMD’s are actually working properly and no one is hacking into them, how many people are going to check the printed ballot for accuracy after they’ve waited in line for hours to vote? Most people will just assume it’s correct and get it scanned. 

So even without hackers, there are “glitches,” errors and other malfunctions to worry about, especially when poorly trained poll workers are using these machines for the first time, poll workers with no troubleshooting training whatsoever.

And if the BMD is set in “tabulator” mode as some counties have done, the voting tallies are done right inside the machine the voter uses instead of giving the voters a “ballot” to take to a scanner. They get a printout but the votes are automatically sent to built-in scanners at the system the person is at.

Eight counties in Pennsylvania used their machines in tabulator mode including Philadelphia. 

The Politico article linked above also has a frightening statement by leading voting security experts who said, “There is no way to deter, contain, or correct computer hacking in BMDs.”

Emily Levy, founder of Scrutineers, a new networking group for the election integrity movement, asks, “When you are called upon to prove that these election results are correct, how is it that you think you’re going to be able to do that?”


That is what the democrats are “counting” on.