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The Detox of Fox – Deplorables are Cutting the Cord

Over the past few years, there have been many times I have taken brief hiatuses of Fox News. I get sick of listening to the democratic hacks on the show including Juan Williams and Donna Brazile as well as many others.

You’ll be watching a perfectly good segment and a Fox News anchor or commentator goes off the rails, auditioning for a spot on CNN. And it’s happening now more than ever.

The actions of Fox News over the past week has finally pushed me over the edge. I’m willing to give up the Fox News drug. I’m off it for good now. And it feels great. 

I am no longer in the group of complacent viewers who are willing to stay with a network who doesn’t reflect our values. 

Sorry Tucker Carlson, Greg Gutfeld, Jesse Watters, and Laura Ingraham. I appreciate what you are doing but you are just not worth it anymore. I’m unwilling to put up with the rest of the network.

For the past seven days Fox News has become the third rail of fake news, rivaling CNN and MSNBC. 

Fox News called Arizona for Biden at 11:20 p.m. on election night but took forever to call Florida for Trump.

Fox News said that the democrats were going to pick up seats in the House (they didn’t).

Fox News called the presidency for Biden before any votes have been certified and when they know there are going to be recounts and lawsuits. It looks like OAN and Newsmax still haven’t called the election yet.

A correspondent on Outnumbered with Harris Faulkner whined about a press conference with Trump attorneys, complaining that they had a cheap podium and no evidence of fraud.

There was an arrogant anchor, Sandra Smith, caught on a hot mic [1], making faces when a guest talked about looking at voter fraud and the fact that the media doesn’t decide who is president. Smith said, “What? What is happening? Like, Trace, we’ve called it.”

And the latest…Neil Cavuto actually cut off Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany’s press conference while she was delivering facts about the corruption and cheating of the democrats that has been going on not just now but over many years. 

Cavuto [2] decided, as the rest of the fake news media does, that his job was to fact check what she was saying in the middle of her press conference, not allowing her to finish on his show. His opinion was all that mattered.

If you look at Cavuto’s latest tweet on Twitter, you will see all kinds of outrage from “previous” Fox viewers who are saying, “Done with you…” and “thanks for showing us who your real masters are…the deep state…” and “just un-followed you, like Fox News” and “Wow! You sure did show yourself today. I’m sooo done with FOX.” 

There is a lot more of this out there and I hope that everyone truly means it. Fox News is no longer a legitimate source of information – or opinion. It’s time to leave.

Trump has been warning us about Fox News for a while, telling everyone how far gone they are – and he was right as usual.

The conservative anchors and contributors on the show need to find a new home. Their viewers, like me, are leaving the network and they’re going to be talking to themselves pretty soon. 

Over time if the conservatives stay on Fox News they will be seen as complicit with what Fox News is becoming.

It already looks like Fox News commentator, author and podcaster Dan Bongino might bail on Fox News soon as I wrote in a recent article [3]. Many others need to follow.

There are other places to go…America’s Voice News, OAN or Newsmax are all good choices. And there is BlazeTV on the internet.

Or if Biden wins the presidency, we can go to Trump TV, the network that we all hope it going materialize. We want Trump to create a media empire and bury the fake news weasels.

We are not going away and I don’t think Trump is either.

Fox, on the other hand, could go away and no one would care.

They have no audience anymore. 

Stick a fork in her, she’s done.