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Press Conference on One of the Biggest Scandals in American History Leads Fake News to Discuss Rudy Giuliai’s Hair Dye 

For four years, the sleazy and traitorous fake news media pushed a Russian collusion hoax about the president of the United States that they knew was a total lie. 

Nothing would stop them from talking about Russia and ridiculing anyone who claimed that they were lying.

But they have absolutely no interest in reporting REAL news.

Real news like Obama and his corrupt intel agencies spying on Trump, Trump’s campaign, other republicans and conservatives.

Real news like Obama’s coup against President Trump that still continues to this day and has resulted in…

the Real news about the stolen election of the presidency by the democrat party.

The fake news media is totally ignoring the cheating that went on during the election and Trump’s legitimate lawsuits about voter fraud.

They laugh at it and call the whole thing a right wing conspiracy.

The leftist media lives in a parallel universe of lies because they could never ever tell the American people the truth about the democratic party and all of the illegality and corruption that they are involved in. 

So it just gets worse as they get away with more and more.

The unserious people in the fake news (including Fox News) hardly cover Trump’s press conferences anymore and they certainly aren’t interested in his attorneys either when they are on TV talking about the lawsuits having to do with the stolen election.

During one of the most recent press conferences from the Trump legal team on Thursday concerning election fraud, while Rudy Giuliani was discussing the scope of the election fraud, he had an unfortunate episode where he was perspiring and that led to what looked like hair dye dipping down his face. 

Yes, it was an unfortunate and distracting occurrence and it was humorous, but it was NOT the story. Nevertheless, the unserious leftist media MADE it the story because they don’t want to discuss the allegations of democratic election fraud.

The story should have been how the democratic party (with global help from other countries) stole the election from the sitting president. 

MSNBC, which was Russia Hoax Central, had a frantic picture of Giuliani on their website and a headline that read “Giuliani lies and sweats through chaotic presser.” It linked to their report where they continue to tell everyone that Trump has no evidence of voter fraud. I guess affidavits aren’t evidence.

In the linked report, Brian Williams acted like he was doing a serious news segment but he doesn’t report the news anymore. He reports opinions and irrelevant BS. Williams said, “today may be remembered, when all the craziness is over, for one thing – and it’s this visual – Rudy Giuliani’s hair dye started dripping down his face after an outbreak of flop sweat during a press conference which will only be remembered for conspiracy theories and dark liquid. It was rambling, repugnant, reprehensible, hysterical…”

This is the same genius who talked about the Russia hoax for years and called is a “highly successful Russia campaign to target us” and was constantly pointing out the “reach of Russia into the Trump orbit.”

Yeah, that was a lie.

They never let the truth get in the way of a good story. 

Especially one that can take down President Trump.