Yesterday, the big news of the day was the news from Pfizer about their vaccine which has shown to be more than 90% effective in trials. Stocks soared and Americans got excited about the possibility of a vaccine for the COVID-19 virus. The company tested 44,000 people and none of them had any serious safety issues.

So now the Pfizer company will be asking the FDA for emergency authorization for the two-dose vaccine soon.

Thanks to President Trump and Operation Warp Speed, millions of people could be protected from the virus if this vaccine works out. 

Pfizer, obviously full of Biden fans, is pretending they weren’t part of the President’s Operation Warp Speed because they didn’t take any money up front like other companies did.

What they don’t mention is that they agreed to partner with the government in July on the distribution of the vaccine and that they will be handsomely rewarded with $1.95 billion for 100 million doses for the federal government – in addition to possible additional orders and other money they can make on the sales in America and other countries.

Operation Warp Speed is also about competition with all of the companies wanting to be the first to come to market with a vaccine. And Trump has not only incentivized everyone, he’s taken massive roadblocks out of their way. So for Pfizer to pretend they aren’t a part of the president’s program is very disingenuous. 

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The fact that this news was announced SIX DAYS after the election is very very very very suspect and I’m calling them out on it even though most others won’t. 

I’m also calling out Killer Democratic New York Governor Andrew Cuomo who isn’t very excited about the vaccine at all.

Nut job Cuomo, who already killed a bunch of elderly people in nursing homes with his pandemic polices, is now on track to kill even more people because of his Trump Derangement Syndrome.

Cuomo isn’t too happy that the Pfizer vaccine news has come out while Trump is still president. He thinks Dementia Joe can handle the whole thing much better and has announced his intention to let people in his state die by doing what he can to stop the availability of the vaccine.

Cuomo said during an interview with George Stephanopoulos, “We can’t let this vaccine plan go forward the way Trump is planning it. We need to fix it or stop it before it does damage.”

Damage? With a 90% success rate? Yes, that sounds a bit insane.

He continued his nonsense and lack of concern about people dying while he holds the vaccine back. He actually said, “We can’t let this vaccinate plan go forward the way that Trump and his administration is designing it because Biden can’t undo it two months later. We’ll be in the midst of it and I’m going — I’ve been talking to governors across the nation about that, how can we shape the Trump administration vaccine plan to fix it, or stop it before it does damage.”

Yes, he said he’s working on stopping it.

Let that sink in.

But by all means, keep voting for democrats, everyone. 

Just like they’ve been saying for months – your life depends on it.

It truly does.