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Don’t Bet Against Trump

I was going to write an article and call it, “Has Trump Checked Out?” because he doesn’t seem to be dominating the airwaves anymore. 

I think I got used to the 24/7 coverage of everything he said and did and got caught up in watching three rallies a day. 

It was all things Trump, every day.

So it could just be my perception that he’s checked out, but I expected him to be more vocal about the election fraud. 

I think he’s still in the beginning stages of grief and he hasn’t emerged from it yet. I believe that he’s in a combination of denial, anger and depression – but is also taking care of the country’s business and strategizing his next moves.

It’s gotta be rough when you know how corrupt the other side is, you know how much you’ve done for the country to make it better… and yet the corrupt evil people might still win. 

And it’s not even because they’ve convinced enough ignorant people to be on their side.

It’s because they cheated and stole the election.

They have no limits to what they will do. We’ve seen that the past four years.

And nothing ever happens to the democrats. No matter what crime they commit, they are left standing. They don’t even get any public scorn (except from us of course).

Glen Beck [1] had a WONDERUL rant about this the other day that you need to check out. In the beginning of his podcast, he says, “I am tired..I am worn out…I am fed up…I’ve had enough…I am tired of exposing corruption, doing our homework, going overseas and having documents translated to make sure they’re exactly right…presenting the evidence…we know what’s happening…except then once we expose it, nothing happens, nobody goes to jail…nobody pays for a damn thing anymore…”

Trump needs the same fire in his belly as Beck. I want to see him get out of his funk. Even if the deep state mob is successful at getting him out of office, we still have a country to save. And he’s part of that.

Trump needs to be out in public (not just Twitter) every day saying the same thing. Telling the country that we are fighting for “free and fair elections” – for now and in the future. He needs to question why Biden and the democrats don’t want that.

Instead of going into the weeds on the hundreds of voter fraud stories, he just needs to compress it down to two issues. There is digital fraud (voting machines and software) and there is good old fashioned fraud (filling out ballots, duplicating ballots, not checking signature, changing voting rules and requirements, etc.)

They used the same strategy as the Russia hoax. They had SO many things going on at once, it’s hard to keep up with everything, decide what’s the most important and tie everything together. 

We have to pick and choose what to concentrate on. 

It takes at least an hour to explain either one of their coups against Trump with the accuracy and thoroughness they deserve.

The voting fraud issue contains issues with voting machines, software, human error, purposeful fraud, suppression of votes, duplicating votes, filling out ballots, bullying people, keeping poll watchers away from counting tables and voting machines, sending out fake ballots, bringing in fake ballots when needed, letting dead people vote, having people vote more than once, not validating signatures, not requiring signatures, not requiring ID, hooking up voting machines to the internet when they shouldn’t be, removing the “seal” from voting machines (the lock), throwing away Trump votes, throwing away votes from the military overseas, requesting ballots for the elderly in nursing homes and filling their ballots out…instituting illegal and unconstitutional rules leading up to the election…the list goes on and on.

It’s Whac-a-Mole. Which vermin do you POP first? What were the most evil, widespread and effective voter fraud strategies for the democrats? Which ones do we fight?

We still hold out hope that the law and Constitution will prevail but with democrats around, that doesn’t always happen.

And with Rinos around who won’t fight for our country, that doesn’t always happen.

But it’s what we believe in and it’s what our country is about.

I want “Fighter Trump” back. 

I want a stern look and stern words. I don’t want him marinating in a pity party for himself.

I want aggressive words and actions before and after the electors vote for president.

I want him going on every TV news show, friend or foe.

He recently did an interview [2] with Byron York of the Washington Examiner.

York said that Trump was confident that he’ll win the states needed to get to the 270 electoral votes.

It ended with the words I wanted to hear.

President Trump said, “Never bet against me.”

I won’t. 

I believe that Trump is still fighting for us but I want to start SEEING it more.

I’ll give Trump another week to get our of his mubble-fubbles. 

But after that, I want some hellfire and brimstone.