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Detroit’s Wayne County Certifies Voter Fraud Results After Racist Insults and Threats by Democrats

Democrats continue to cheat, threaten and bully their way into power. They’ve learned from the unchecked rioting all over the country that they can do what they want.

What happened in Wayne County Tuesday night was no different. A meeting was held by the Wayne County Board of Canvassers about whether to certify the Wayne County votes despite irregularities, lawsuits and rampant voter fraud being alleged.

These board members, like the other 82 Boards of County Canvassers in Michigan, are composed of two republicans and two democrats who are appointed by the county’s Board of Commissioners. They are responsible for canvassing the votes cast in the county they serve. Their jobs is to make sure there aren’t any discrepancies with the voting and if there are, they are supposed to find out why. Canvassers exist to ensure an accurate and secure vote. They certify elections for their local, countywide and district offices in the county they serve as well as conduct recounts.

Two republicans with the Wayne County Board of Canvassers, Monica Palmer and William Hartmann, were bullied by democratic tyrants during the public comment section of the meeting by people who called them racists and attacked them personally with veiled threats.

Initially, the vote to certify the county’s election was 2-2 along party lines. But the hatred spewed by democrats [1]during the meeting was enough to change the minds of the republicans.

Black Lives Matter supporter Ned Staebler [2] (who doesn’t even appear to live in Wayne County) said he was not there to change their minds and that was obvious. He was there to hurl racist insults at the two republicans.

He ranted on Zoom [3] that “the Trump stick, the stain of racism that you have covered yourself in will follow you throughout history. Your grandchildren are going to think of you like Bull Connor or George Wallace.”

Many others including Abraham Aiyash also called the republicans racist and Aiyash told the public what city Monica Palmer lives in. He is a democratic far left organizer and representative elect for Michigan’s 4th House of Representatives district which covers the city of Hamtramck, a Majority-Muslim city.

There were accusations that democrats were threatening and doxing the two republicans on Twitter with most democrats supporting the behavior. They made excuses for anything that was being done by saying that you can’t “dox” a public servant.

The democrats didn’t seem to have an issue with anyone naming where these republicans lived, what their kids names are or where they went to school. 

The democrats also didn’t seem to have an issue with Staebler’s “call to action” to harass the two republicans when he said, “But just know that when you try to sleep tonight, that millions of people around the world now on Twitter know the name Monica Palmer and William Hartmann as two people completely racist and without an understanding of what integrity means or a shred of human decency” and went on to talk about what would happen when they met their maker.

Kristen Clarke with 866-OUR-VOTE tweeted out that they had a victory getting the votes certified due to “public pressure.”

The republicans ended up changing their vote to a yes on the certification based on the condition that the Secretary of State does a comprehensive audit of the election in the county.

Whether that condition stands remains to be seen but I wouldn’t hold your breath.

Detroit is a cesspool of voter fraud and doesn’t EVER seem to deserve certification. When Green Party presidential nominee Jill Stein had a vote recount [4] in Michigan in 2016, massive voter irregularities showed up including the fact that a third of the city’s voting machines registered more ballots than voters. So nothing has changed in Detroit except that their voter fraud has gotten worse.

In this election, Wayne County is ignoring all kinds of corruption with the voting in their county including discrepancies between the number of absentee ballots recorded as cast and the number of absentee ballots counted – something that the two republicans were concerned about.

There is also a lawsuit [5] against the county and Detroit election officials which includes more than 200 pages of affidavits by more than 100 observers who saw fraud and illegality going on in Wayne County including ballots being counted multiple times, observers being blocked from watching the tabulation process, ballots arriving at night and more.

Gee, what a surprise.

The certified votes now go to the State Board of Canvassers which also has two republicans and two democrats as members.

The question is… is this the democratic strategy for the next few weeks… to harass the local and state canvassers?

Or was this big production good enough as a warning to the rest of the canvassers so that they know what will happen to THEM if they don’t certify things the way the democrats want?