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Anthony Fauci is Out Auditioning for Biden’s Coronavirus Task Force

During Trump’s first term and especially leading up to the election, Dr. Anthony Fauci was Mr. Doom and Gloom with his high predictions of death and warning people about impending demise and destruction.

Before the election, Fauci was telling everyone that even with a vaccine, we would not return to normal until 2022. He spent months downplaying Trump’s efforts and pretty much trying to tank Trump’s election prospects by scaring everyone.

But now that it looks like Biden might be president, even though the media is bombarding us with stories about the increase in cases, hospitalizations and deaths from COVID-19, Fauci is Mr. Sunshine, telling us not to worry. 

Pollyanna Fauci is telling the big man in the basement (wink-wink) that he’s a team player. He can say what he needs to say when it’s needed for political reasons.

Don’t worry, the vaccines are coming, he said on Thursday.

Isn’t that exactly what the president had told us? 

Yes, the Trump vaccines are coming. Thank you, Mr. President.

Help is on the way thanks to Trump and Operation Warp Speed.

Fauci thinks that things are looking brighter. He said the virus is “not going to be a pandemic [1]” much longer because the vaccines are going to turn everything around. 

He also says we have to “hang on and continue to double down on the public health measures.”

Wink, wink to Biden in case there needs to be mask mandates for a few months.

But as far as a national lockdown for six weeks, I don’t believe that is a real thing. 

I believe the statements of Biden’s COVID-19 adviser Dr. Michal Osterholm on lengthy lockdowns to control the virus were floated by the Biden team. They were put out in order to let Dr. Fauci push back on the lockdowns and look “bi-partisan” in his criticism in advance of accepting a position on Biden’s Coronavirus Task Force.

Plus Fauci doesn’t want people panicking if Biden will be president soon. He’s gotta keep the peeps in check like he did when he lied that we didn’t need to wear masks. It’s all manipulation for politics and career reasons.

Truth, science and data isn’t necessarily what we’re getting.

Fauci needs to give Biden wiggle room so he can do what he needs to do –and Fauci will be on board with whatever President Harris and Obama want done.

With Fauci throwing out a bit of hope to people, it’ll make things easier when the time comes to declare a Biden victory over the pandemic.

Man over virus. 

Biden the conquerer will prevail where Trump had failed. 

Even though everything that was done to get rid of the virus was Trump’s idea.