Given the candidate, the Democrats have tried their best to keep Joe Biden in line. With his constant stumbling, forgetting the year, and shady business deals, it’s no surprise the Democrats would be worried. Their so-called presidential candidate can’t go a single day with making some false claim, and who can forget when he referred to chocolate ice cream as “Black & White”. With six days to go, the Democrats made yet another mistake by letting Joe loose to do some last-minute campaigning.

In the video below, Biden tries to win over some voters, but it seems that the only people who showed up were the press. There can even be heard chanting of Donald Trump’s name in the background. Confused as to where he is, Biden reads off the script, staying within the lines. Then, out of nowhere, he decides to start taking questions and well… watch for yourself.

The reporter seems to ask Biden where he will be traveling for the next couple of days. Biden appears to take offense to the questioning, snarling back at the reporter about how much he actually works. Wanting to gain the sympathy vote, Biden says he hasn’t worked a single day that hasn’t been at least 12 hours. Wow, 12 hours! Maybe Biden now understands what half of Americans feel like.

Still, Biden tells the small group of reporters that he will be traveling the places like Florida, Georgia, Ohio, and Iowa – all before election night. It should be noted that since starting the campaign, President Trump has already made several stops to voting hotspots like Florida and Ohio while Biden remained in lockdown due to COVID-19.

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While Biden even appears to be lost as to where his speech is going, it’s how hard he is working that should be cause for alarm. He literally said, “There’s not been a day that hasn’t been a 12-hour day yet.” Although working a 12-hour shift is not for the weak, Biden wants to be the next President of the United States. Is Biden only going to be President for half the day? Being President is a full-time job and requires strength, determination, and fortitude. Three of which Biden is missing.



This piece was written by Jeremy Porter on October 28, 2020. It originally appeared in and is used by permission.

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