With eight days to go before the election, there is no way Biden could do any worse damage than he and his son have already done. Honestly, it is like they are playing a game of “hold my beer” as each day brings a new revelation about the Biden dynasty. Instead of writing an article about every incident, we decided to give you a weekly breakdown of what Biden did before the election.

The three incidents we are about to discuss can all be seen in the video below. Starting off is none other than Joe Biden and COVID-19. The Democrats have been hands-on when it comes to regulations and lockdowns throughout America. Churches, communities, and businesses have all felt the sting of the Democrats overreacting to the coronavirus. While Biden believes we all need to remain in lockdown, the footage below shows him not wearing a mask. To make matters worse, everybody around him is wearing on, but not Joe.

Sliding in a second is another great Biden moment when he completely forgets how many grandchildren he has. In the video, Biden tries to appeal to the hearts of America, just like he did in the final debate, but he completely stumbles over his words and says he has five grandchildren. For the record, Biden has seven grandkids starting at the age of 16. He also forgot how old they were, but we give him a pass for that.

And lastly on “What Did Biden Say”, Joe thought he would come up with a new name for Trump supporters. You know, the people that literally decide who the next President is going to be. Well, according to Biden, he doesn’t care much for Trump or his supporters when he referred to them as “Chumps”. Attending another social distancing rally, Biden tried to go off-script and come up with a new catchphrase for his campaign. The only problem, calling supporters and fellow Americans “Chumps” isn’t a good way to sway those undecided. Still, Biden swings for the fences, and like always – it lands flat.

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Again, this is worth repeating and it has been said numerous times, but this is the best guy the Democrats could have found. At one point, the Democrats at 25 people who wanted to be President, and out of all of them, they went with the animatronic Joe Biden. And they wonder why voters are turning away from their party.

This piece was written by Jeremy Porter on October 26, 2020. It originally appeared in DrewBerquist.com and is used by permission.

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