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The Real End Game For The Presidential Race

Contrary to what Richard III advised, we’ll need the first things Warren Zevon asked his dad for and we’ll need them from election day until we finally decide who will sit in the Oval Office. We’ll need lawyers.

Because no matter what happens on election day, the Democrats will claim victory. The numbers won’t matter. As they’ve already proven, nothing matters to them except raw power acquired by any means. Now, could they win this year fair and square? Maybe, but we’ll never know because they will be cheating in every battleground state and then some.

Thus, it’s going to come down to whether our lawyers can uncover enough chicanery to convince judges, eventually all the way to the Supremes hopefully before January 20th, to get the manipulated election night totals thrown out and real totals, if we can ascertain them, substituted in their place. Those totals may spell a GOP victory. But there is no guarantee that they will.

That’s why most of the polling kerfuffles now are so precious, so cornpone. It’s not like the Republicans have any shot at all at the popular vote. We’ve only won that one time since 1992. Thus national horse race numbers? Meaningless. Just like 2016, this will be won or lost by way of the Electoral College. The twist this year is that the process won’t end there.

Hopefully the RNC and the Trump campaign are laying the groundwork now for the inevitable legal challenges to false Democrat numbers. That will mean thousands of lawyers on call on election day. That will mean trying to get machine totals before they can be altered by Democrats. That will mean election judges and ballot box surveillance at as many polls as possible in battleground states. Remember hanging chads? It’s gonna be worse.

If the legal process looks like it will end up keeping the president in the White House, then every facet of American pop culture, media, academia, Hollywood, and their pawns will be screaming for Trump to concede. If not, they will say, he is an illegitimate president. But they’ve been saying that since 2016. So who cares.

The entire thing is ironic, because if the Democrats would play it straight they very possibly could legitimately win. But they’re incapable of that. So we make the Supreme Court, not the people or the states, the final decision maker. Not exactly what the Constitution intended.

No matter who wins, if it’s a divided Supreme Court decision, and it will be, the other side won’t take it well. If the courts go against him, the president will undoubtedly step down. However, some of his more committed supporters may not be so gracious in their feelings. The Biden people are already talking about an alternative inauguration if they don’t win. As for the violent hard left like Antifa and Black Lives Matter? A rebel inauguration won’t be their only play if Biden loses in the courts. It will be much more sporty than that. Much. More.