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The Lying Democrats Live in a Fantasyland Where Google Doesn’t Exist

The reason that democrats continue to win elections (besides cheating and voter fraud) is because they lie about who they are and what they will do in office. They also lie about their opponents.

The entire election against Trump has shown that the democrats are willing to lie constantly about the president. 

Apparently, they don’t think that voters are smart enough to Google the truth. Or they know that the media is so in the tank for them, that they will never have to adhere to any fact checks in interviews or debates. 

No one besides their republican opponents (and conservative media) will ever challenge them. 

All the democrats have to do is say, “that’s not true” in their debates with a laugh and a smirk and a headshake and that’s the end of being held accountable for their lies.

Next question.

The debate between Kamala Harris and Mike Pence was a parade of lies from Harris. 

Harris spewed falsities that are easily found to be untrue on Google or any other search engine out there. Easily.

Besides not answering important questions like if Biden is going to going to pack the courts, if China is an adversary and if we’re going to have more lockdowns and mask mandates, Harris just flat-out lied throughout the whole evening.

She lied about Biden not promising to ban franking.

She lied about what Trump said about Charlottesville. 

She lied about Trump calling troops suckers and losers.

She lied about Trump calling COVID-19 a hoax.

She lied about Biden not taxing people making over $400K even though he’s repeatedly said he’ll eliminate Trump’s tax cuts on day one, taking away at least $2K a year from your average family.

She lied about an uncorroborated story about Russians having bounties on troops [1].

She lied that Trump wants to take away your health care if you have pre-existing conditions and told the country that the republicans are “coming for you.”

The lie about pre-existing conditions is how the corrupt democrats won the House of Representatives in 2018. 

Besides trying to make sure that most of their candidates checked a box for their identity politics (woman, person of color, veteran, young, gay, etc.), ALL of the democratic candidates were on the same page going after their republican candidates on health care and scaring people with pre-existing conditions to think that they’d lose their health care.

The democrats don’t just lie about one thing at a time either. They use one lie to pile on top of another. They preface a statement with a lie like it’s the truth and continue with more lies.

Just one example of this scheme is when Harris started out with a lie about fracking and then added more lies about the democrats being responsible for the extraordinary Trump economy after he was elected. 

All in one paragraph, here are the multiple Harris lies. She said, “Joe Biden will not end fracking. He has been very clear about that. Joe Biden is the one who during the Great Recession was responsible for the Recovery Act that brought America back. And now the Trump Pence Administration wants to take credit when they ran when they rode the coattails of Joe Biden’s success for the economy that they had at the beginning of their term.”

These evil democratic politicians will continue their dishonest and corrupt game plan until the public no longer allows it. They will keep getting votes from the ignorant people until they wake up and pay attention.

Until then, the democrats won’t change their lyin’ ways.