Want to cheat in the presidential election? No problem. It’s quite easy in some places thanks to some insane judges. 

Pennsylvania’s Supreme Court ruled (unanimously) that counties in Pennsylvania can’t reject a ballot if the voter’s signature on it does not resemble the signature on the voter’s registration form.


Who cares if the ballot is illegitimate? No problem.

Pennsylvania’s democratic Attorney General Josh Shapiro calls the decision a “win for voters.”

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Yeah, right. How is that, exactly? 

How often does one’s signature change?

Who does this decision help?

That would be people participating in voter fraud, that’s who.

So feel free to fill out your grandma’s ballot, or your neighbor’s – or anyone you want. 

Things are pretty much the same in Las Vegas, Nevada where you can vote as many times as the amount of ballots you receive.

Laurel Morley got five ballots in the mail, the extras were for adult children who no longer live with her and an aunt who lived with her a year ago.

What about signature verification? Won’t that stop the cheating when people want to turn in multiple ballots?

Not when the election officials don’t actually match the signatures. A bill was passed in the summer to require a signature to differ in “multiple, significant and obvious respects” from the one on file in order to be invalidated.

There is only one reason to not care about matching signatures on ballots.

It’s voter fraud.