January 20, 2017 was a great day. 

Not only were we getting Donald Trump, an American patriot, as president, but we were also FINALLY getting rid of Barack Obama.

We were getting rid of eight years of narcissistic speeches and the Commander in Chief constantly putting our country down, both at home and abroad.

Eight years of race baiting and economic uncertainty. 

Eight years of the media gushing over someone who did nothing to make America better. 

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Eight years of a president who embraced open borders and Islam, not ever wanting to utter the words “radical Islamic terrorism.”

Eight years of the Obama administration making bad deals with other countries that made us less prosperous and less safe.

On Wednesday, Obama gave a speech in front of hundreds of cars in a drive-in Biden rally which was referred to by the fawning media as a “roaring turnout.” 

Laughably, yes, getting a few hundred cars to show up for a Biden rally IS a roaring turnout considering that Biden and Kamala usually have an audience of 20 or less sitting inside of white circles.

Obama’s speech was hailed by the leftist Twitter trolls all night. 

That’s because leftists don’t care about the truthfulness of what Obama says – they just like the way he says it. He looks nice and sounds cool. Optics is what they care about.

Meanwhile, others of us who had to suffer through his speech were reminded of what an eloquent liar is is. We remember how we were promised that we could all keep our health insurance under Obamacare, right. And save $2500 a year. Yeah right. That was a complete fabrication.

On Wednesday, in a desperate attempt to save Biden’s candidacy in a Philadelphia area he shouldn’t have to campaign in, Obama lied throughout his entire speech

Obama stood in front of his car audience and furthered the lie that Trump called troops suckers and losers. He lied about Trump wanting to take away everyone’s health care and not wanting to allow pre-existing conditions to be covered.

Obama lied that Trump, not Pelosi, is to blame for not getting another coronavirus relief bill passed.

Obama lied that Joe treats everyone he meets with dignity and respect.

Uh, no. There is plenty of video evidence to the contrary.

Obama lied about leaving Trump a “pandemic playbook.” I wonder if that’s the playbook from their great work they did with the Swine Flu. 

Maybe Obama didn’t hear about Biden’s campaign advisor, Ron Klein, admitting that they got lucky with the Swine Flu under Obama/Biden. Klein said, “I wasn’t involved directly in the H1N1 response but I lived through it as a White House staffer and what I would say about it is a bunch of really talented, really great people were working on it and we did every possible thing wrong. Sixty million Americans got H1N1 during that period of time. It is purely a fortuity that this isn’t one of the great mass casualty events in American history. It had nothing to do with us doing anything right. It was just luck.”

So the Obama pandemic playbook, if there was one, was obviously filled with great information.

Obama lied about Trump destroying the great economy that he left him, touting the longest streak of job grown in American history. 

If there is any statistical data about job grown under Obama, it’s only because people like my husband had to get TWO jobs to earn a living after losing his regular job because the economy was tanking during Obama’s “great” economy.

And one of the biggest lies Obama spouted at the drive-in was that we’re not better off under Trump than were were under Obama.

Excuse me??! Try to live in reality, buddy.

We’re even better off now DURING A PANDEMIC then we were under Obama. A recent poll confirms it. A Gallup poll came out recently that reported 56% of Americans who say they are better off right now than they were four years ago under Obama/Biden. That’s the biggest number ever recorded. And like I said, we’re in the middle of a pandemic.

Obama also blamed Trump, instead of China, for the COVID-19 deaths of Americans and he blamed Trump for the small businesses that have closed even though most of the closures happened because of lockdowns ordered by democratic governors.

Obama continued his lying by telling everyone that “our proud reputation around the world is in tatters.” 

If that were true, would Trump have been able to negotiate peace deals in the middle east? Trump has turned out to be one of our very best foreign policy presidents; demolishing ISIS, making deals that are good for American prosperity and safety; strengthening our relationship with Israel; rebuilding our military; taking care of our veterans and more.

Obama also lied about the tax cuts, as Biden always does and said, “The only people truly better off than they were four years ago are the billionaires who got his tax cuts.”

Talk about losing his grip on reality. 

When Obama was president, I didn’t get a raise the whole eight years; my boss had no growth in his business; I got no new computers at work; my husband lost his job; there were no job openings that paid more than $10/hr. and had health insurance; businesses shut down; we lost our investments; my husband had to work two jobs…. the list goes on and on…

Under Obama, there was NO opportunity. No way to move ahead. You were lucky to stay even.

The minute Trump got elected, there was plenty of opportunity.

When Trump was elected in November of 2016, my boss’ businesses increased almost immediately, especially for the construction/building sector who were just holding on during the Obama years, trying to survive.

After Trump became president, I got a raise and a new computer at work. Business shot up and I was working overtime a lot to keep up with the demands and success of our customers.

And as for the democrats’ lying about the tax cut, it has done PLENTY for us. We get the $2K that the president says the average family gets – between more take home pay and less taxes owed in April. And we’re NOT billionaires. We’re middle class.

If Biden stops the Trump tax cuts, we will suffer financially as will many low and middle-class families across America.

Obama laughably said in his speech that Trump hasn’t taken the job seriously and hasn’t had an interest in doing any work.

That’s a good one. 

Trump gets about five hours of sleep. I remember Obama not having meetings on his schedule until about 10 am in the morning, sometimes later. Talk about a slacker.

Another humorous part of Obama’s speech is where he said, “Our democracy is not going to work if the people who are supposed to be leaders lie every day and just make things up.”

You got that one right, Barry. That’s why we got rid of you. You are corrupt and a liar, far worse than we even thought, as it turns out.

And that goes for your buddy, Joe, too.