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Nancy Rejects Latest Coronavirus Relief Bill and Gets the Trump Treatment from Boyfriend on CNN

It was a love story for the ages. Blind devotion, unlimited admiration, a conspiracy of lies, years of denial and acceptance of obvious flaws…all to keep a beneficial relationship going.

After all these years, who would have guessed that CNN anchor, Wolf Blitzer, would decide, out of nowhere, to do his job and act like a journalist when interviewing Democratic Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi?

Pelosi has decided to pooh-pooh the republican’s latest coronavirus relief package of $1.8 trillion offered by Trump because, darn it, it’s just too inadequate. 

Who needs money for small businesses, schools, hospitals and the unemployed? Certainly not Pelosi. She will reject anything if it makes Trump look good.

But did she get the everlasting love and devotion that she usually gets from Wolfie at CNN when she went on his show to talk about the bill? 


Wolfie was not happy with her at all. 

A lover’s spat ensued.

We’re not sure why. 

Does the Wolfster have a new girlfriend? Is he finally sick of his girl’s lies and antics? It’s one of the great mysteries of the universe.

If you haven’t already seen the exchange between Pelosi and Wolf over the coronavirus relief package, you really need to watch the whole thing.

He presses her over and over again, asking her why she won’t accept the coronavirus relief package that Trump is offering. 

Blitzer actually told Pelosi not to let perfect be the enemy of good. 

Everything he said set her off, making her wave her arms frantically and she accused him of being an apologist for the republicans.

Crazy Nancy was exasperated and dumbfounded during the whole interview, trying to figure out why CNN was practicing journalism and giving her the Trump treatment [1].

At one point, Pelosi said to Wolf, “With all due respect, you don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Nancy’s boyfriend Wolfie just doesn’t understand that she needs money to bailout the states, stimulus checks for illegal aliens, money for voter fraud, mandating ballot harvesting and other fun stuff. She won’t be denied.

Besides Blitzer, there are other democrats, including failed presidential contender Andrew Yang, who want Crazy Nancy to sign on the dotted line and give Americans the financial help that they need. He told CNN that the only thing holding up the bill is politics. He tweeted, “Nancy Pelosi take this deal! Put politics aside people are hurting.”

Others are on her back as well including Rep. Ro Khanna out of California, a leader of the congressional Progressive Caucus, who said, “We have a moral obligation to do something. We are the party that stands for the working poor.”

Khanna says that many other members feel the same way [2] and that he’s talked to about ten other progressives who share the same view as him because people in their districts are suffering.

Pelosi doesn’t care. Giving Americans additional employment money and stimulus checks with Trump’s name on them isn’t in her plans. 

And she told Blitzer, “Honest to God, I really can’t get over it. Because Andrew Yang, he’s lovely. Ro Knanna, he’s lovely. They’re not negotiating this situation.”

She’s the Queen. Don’t they know that?

Pelosi’s Trump Derangement Syndrome is holding her back from helping the American people. 

McConnell still plans to vote on the bill regardless of Pelosi’s lunacy.

But the Nance is doing just fine and has plenty of ice cream in her freezer, so what does she care?