If you think that the progressive democrats are civilized people, you would be wrong. The protests and riots over the last few months have proven otherwise. 

Those democrats who aren’t participating in the civil unrest and violence still support it or at the very least, they are silent and don’t condemn it.

The violent criminals in the streets have attacked cops, set businesses on fire, harassed people in their homes, looted businesses and murdered people.

They pretend their protests are about racial injustice but they will attack a black female cop who gets in their way. 

And the fact that they attacked police on Monday night in Philadelphia over the shooting of an armed black man shows that the democratic mob is totally lawless and unhinged. They have no moral high ground they are coming from. They are criminals.

Democrats have shown over the last few months that they are anti-cop, anti-American and outright in-your-face anti-Semitic. 

Do You Think Kyle Rittenhouse Will Be Found Guilty or Innocent?

The anti-Semitism coming from the democrat side of the aisle has been quite disgusting the past few years including the anti-Israel and pro-Palestine comments coming out of the mouth of “The Squad” in the House of Representatives.

According to a Breitbart article, over the weekend, democrat criminals attacked Jewish Trump supporters.

A Jewish family in a car, with kids inside, got pepper-sprayed as they participated in a “Jews for Trump” caravan in New York City on Sunday.

About 1000 vehicles were in the caravan, which is about four-times as many cars as showed up for Obama’s recent Pennsylvania rally. And Trump wasn’t even in New York City that day.

The democratic criminals also threw eggs and rocks.

The family that was pepper-sprayed didn’t want to identify themselves because they fear they would be be targeted in the future. 

The father said, “Immediately the kids started crying and screaming…”

Only one person was arrested for using pepper spray at the event.

The democrats can’t help themselves from being violent and attacking people that they disagree with and the Jewish people are not shielded from their hatred either.

It’s not surprising though. 

Once the riots started in our cities, with the support of democrats and the media, they continued, getting more and more violent. The riots were acceptable and democrats, including Kamala Harris, were bailing them out of jail.

And once the Squad got away with their anti-Semitism without being censured by Pelosi, they saw they were free to be as anti-Semitic as they felt like.

Anti-semites are in and all around the democrat party.

You have anti-Semite Linda Sarsour who spoke at the democratic convention this year. 

Some of the largest democratic organizations also include anti-Semitism in their ranks and platforms. The Women’s March has new leadership which is just as anti-Semitic as Sarsour. 

Black Lives Matter protests also have many anti-Semitic slogans chanted by them and their Antifa buddies. The BLM platform endorses BDS and accuses Israel of genocide.

Does Biden call out any of this anti-Jewish rhetoric? 


He needs their votes and their money just like his Antifa and BLM supporters.