Debate: To engage in argument by discussing opposing points.

That’s exactly what we saw in the presidential debate on Tuesday night. Voices were raised, issues were talked about, interruptions were aplenty and opposing points were spoken.

We didn’t hear everything that some of us would have liked to hear but we were not controlling the debate. The three septuagenarian men on the stage were. It was Grumpy Old Men not Beaches.

The disingenuous people who are acting shocked at what transpired are comical. There was only one reason that anyone was even watching the debate. It was to see if Biden would stay vertical and not implode. To pretend otherwise is to re-write what’s been going on the past few months.

The obvious take-away from the night, which should be the BREAKING story of the day, is how vile Joe Biden was, calling the president names and telling him to shut up throughout the night.

President Trump is supposed to be the rude one, right? The bully? Give me a break. Biden was ill-mannered, disrespectful and insulting to the office of the president.

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Trump might have interrupted Biden more times than I’d like during the debate but that’s because he had to call Biden out on his constant lying. The unfortunate part about it was that he didn’t give Biden the time to self-destruct. 

I would have liked to hear more of Biden and less of Trump cutting him off but that doesn’t excuse Biden’s appalling behavior.

Oddly enough, Trump didn’t even call Biden Sleepy Joe or any other of his endearing nicknames.

Biden, on the other hand, showed his true colors at the debate.

Biden acted just like he’s acted on the campaign trail when he’s actually out in public and is challenged by someone. In one case, he went after a female student after she asked him about his viability in the primary given the fact that he was fourth place in the Iowa caucuses.

Biden accused her of never going to a caucus and called her a “lying dog-faced pony soldier” humiliating her in public.

Biden also went after a Detroit auto worker and said he was “full of sh–” after the man accused Biden of trying to take away his Second Amendment rights. He also told the man not to be such a “horse’s a–.”

Yes, Biden is truly a lovely person.

So it was no surprise to me that Biden, not Trump, chose to do the name-calling all night because he was frustrated by Trump’s approach to the debate. Biden called Trump a liar, a fool, a racist, un-presidential and he also called him a clown twice.

I wonder if those names were what Biden was writing down in his notes during the evening so he wouldn’t forget any of the disparaging remarks that he wanted to make.

Biden was disrespectful to the office of the president the entire night, calling Trump “Donald” and using the term “man” when describing him 11 times, only referring to him a half-dozen times as president. His greeting to Trump right off the bat was, “How you doing, man?”

Biden spent the evening smirking at Trump, shaking his head and he laughed at the president 35 times while he was talking.

Biden also took the Lord’s name in vain twice, mumbling “God” under his breath and at one point said, “Oh my Lord.”

That’s not cool.

During the debate, Biden was also the first one to interrupt.

And Biden told the President of the United States to shut up numerous times in different ways during the evening. This was what stood out to me the most as the debate went on. Can you imagine the outrage if Trump tried that.

Biden couldn’t control himself from snapping at Trump.

“Donald, will you just be quiet for a minute.”

“Will you shut up man.”

“Keep yapping man.”

At one point, Biden got so frustrated with Trump when he asked why Biden hasn’t done anything in all of the years he’s been a politician, Biden said, “You’re the worse president America has ever had. Come on.” 

Biden, ignoring the reality of how he acted at the debate, called out Trump for his behavior instead, saying that President Trump was a national embarrassment. Look in the mirror, Joe. Just because you are getting a pass on your distasteful behavior doesn’t mean that YOU weren’t a national embarrassment.

After the debate, the media was in unison calling the debate a “dumpster fire” and acting like they wanted and expected a more substantive debate when the only thing any of them cared about for months is whether Biden would survive it without any huge gaffes. 

Biden held his own during his rehearsed statements at the beginning of each topic and then went off the rails with name-calling and lies after that.

And yes, Grumpy Old Biden DID give us a fair amount of substance and insight to his campaign that America was able to hear.

Joe admitted that he’s taxing the middle class by taking away the Trump tax cuts. 

Joe said that no one’s going to build another coal fired (or oil) plant in America because they will be using renewable energy. 

Joe said that HE is the democratic party and he approved the DNC platform which means he’s responsible for all the leftist things listed in it. 

At the same time, he also threw his progressive base under the bus by saying he doesn’t support defunding the police, the Green Deal or Medicare for All. 

Biden also couldn’t come up with a single law enforcement organization that supports his candidacy. Not one? Really Joe? I wonder why.

And Biden still won’t answer the questions about whether he supports getting rid of the filibuster and packing the Supreme Court.

It was obvious that Biden “lost” the debate because afterwards, his leftist media buddies were calling for no more debates.

The debate was not without comedy, however. After spending most of his campaign in his basement, Biden had the nerve to tell Trump to get out of his bunker.

And I thought the best part of the evening was when Biden couldn’t count to three and Trump tried to help him out by telling him, “No, you’re on number two.”