Leftist Twitter is anti-American and allows murders and dictators like Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei and OJ Simpson to tweet all they want to.

However, if you are a Trump supporter or you are a legitimate media organization like the New York Post who dares to tweet a story that is critical of elderly, senile and corrupt Joe Biden, you will get your stories suppressed and removed and you will ultimately get locked out of your own account until you delete your own articles.

You will NOT speak badly of Biden, comrades. 

You will NOT tell the truth about the corruption going on in Biden’s family and how Joe is selling out our country for personal gain.

Not even if, a few days later, it’s becoming more and more apparent from the FBI and Hunter Biden’s business associates, that the NY Post article is not only true, but the Biden corruption is even worse than we thought.

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However, Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei can tweet all day long with his anti-American rants and threats.

That’s fine.

Somehow the Khamenei’s tweets are acceptable and follow the guidelines and rules of Twitter.

Twitter also allows other reprobates to have Twitter accounts including black supremacist and anti-semitic Louis Farrakhan, white nationalist and anti-semitic Richard Spencer, OJ Simpson, Chinese propagandist Lijian Zhao and Venezuelan President Nicholas Maduro.

Twitter also allows the groups that organize the protests and riots in American cities on their platform.

So even though we have evidence that Iran is interfering in the election RIGHT NOW by masquerading as the Proud Boys, Twitter is still allowing the leader of Iran to tweet.

Whose side is Twitter on?

Certainly not America’s.