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Democrats: Stay Home if You’re Sick, Stay Home if You Think You’re Sick, Stay Home if You’re Not Sick

The democrats are NOT happy that President Trump was out and about on Monday at a rally in Florida and plans more rallies this week. 

They don’t want Trump meeting with supporters, getting free press for his election campaign or showing that COVID-19 isn’t as deadly as they tell everyone that it is.

The democrats want everyone, including Trump, to stay at home at all times. 

It doesn’t matter if you are contagious or not. Just stay home. 

It doesn’t matter that the survival rate is now approaching 99%. Just stay home.

It doesn’t matter if democrat edicts are destroying businesses, lives, families, cities and states. Just stay home.

And if you don’t comply, they’ll MAKE you comply with laws and fines and have the police arrest you.

Fear mongering from the democrats keeps up their lie that COVID-19 is as dangerous as it was at the beginning of the pandemic. 

Fear mongering allows democrats to shut down churches.

Fear mongering allows democrats to keep the economy down and blame Trump for it.

Fear mongering allows democrats to pretend that Trump hasn’t made great strides with his coronavirus response because of Operation Warp Speed. 

The democrats ignore reality as they do with every other topic that doesn’t fit their narrative.

And they think the country can stay on lockdown forever.

But not all of us are rich enough to stop working and stay home. 

Not all of us are retired nor are we able to live off unemployment and stay home for months and live off the government. 

Not all of us are able to work from their home because of the kind of work we do.

Not all of us are able to ditch our boss because if we do, there won’t be a job – or maybe a company – to go back to.

No, some of us, essential or otherwise, have been out in the public and have been working since the pandemic hit, doing the best we can to not infect others or get infected ourselves based on the ever-changing and often ineffective edicts that we have had to live by.

And what have we learned during all of this time from the idiotic democrats, health departments, governors and the CDC?

Somehow we can’t spread the virus when we’re eating in a restaurant but we CAN spread the virus when walking through that same restaurant.

Somehow we can’t spread the virus at the grocery store but we can spread the virus at our church.

Somehow we can’t spread the virus if we’re only somewhere for 15 minutes. Yes, your local health departments don’t trace locations you’ve been to for their contact tracing unless you’ve been there at least 15 minutes.

So you could be sick as a dog with COVID-19 and go to the gas station, the bank, the drug store, the fast food place and a convenience store – and your health department won’t tell anyone about those locations because you weren’t there for 15 minutes.

What sense does that make?

Do the scientists or medical people have any studies or evidence to verify this 15-minute rule [1]? NO.

And now we learn from the CDC that masks are pretty much useless. [2]

According to The Blaze, in a survey conducted by over a dozen medical institutions for the CDC, 85% of those who got COVID-19 in July either “always” or “often” wore face coverings within the 14 days before they were infected. More than 70% said they ALWAYS wore mask. Only 3.9% reported never wearing a mask.

So that whole mask thing is blown out of the water now. But will the governors and mayors change their mask mandates?


None of the coronavirus rules we’re living under make any sense. 

It’s political theater.

It’s to control us, keep us in fear and continue to rule over us under their “emergency” orders.

Leaders pretend they know what they’re doing and we comply to their idiocy. They are high on their power and most people are too scared to challenge them.

And if Biden wins the presidency, we all know that the virus will “disappear” right?

It won’t REALLY disappear but the media won’t cover it anymore.

If they’re forced to cover it, we’ll hear about the fact that there might be a lot of cases, but there aren’t a great deal of hospitalizations and deaths because of Biden’s fabulous leadership. 

That’s actually what’s happening now under Trump [3], with the number of patients dying in intensive care units falling 10% since April, but you’re not going to hear the truth when there are elections to win.

So just stay home and do what you’re told.