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Angelic Joe Biden Calls Trump Supporters Chumps and Puts a Lid on the Rest of the Country

Democrats have tried to make the election a referendum on character. 

They don’t seem to care about insignificant things like having a job, Middle Eastern peace or losing their constitutional rights.

Democrats are emotional creatures, elitists who have the luxury of choosing a president based on their good looking pleated pants, their eloquent speeches or their slick ads.

Or in some cases, they just vote for the current placeholder because he or she has a “D” after their name on the ballot.

Nevermind if their candidate is corrupt or has dementia. 

Nevermind that their candidate doesn’t have the stamina to be the president.

Reality doesn’t matter to them.

Biden says “character counts” which laughable when comparing him to Trump. Biden is no big winner of the character competition.

Joe Biden is corrupt. Him and his family have been on the take for more than 40 years at our expense in all kinds of ways.

Joe Biden also has a quick temper and goes after people who challenge him and is totally not the nice guy he pretends to be. He has no tolerance for being  called out or fact-checked.

Most people ignored Biden telling Trump to shut up [1] numerous times during their first debate.

And there are also plenty of videos online with Biden calling people names who challenge him at campaign events. 

There are other videos showing him saying things about minorities which are not PC including his “you ain’t black” comment.

He doesn’t debate. He lies and he bullies.

Plagiarist Biden is no angelic candidate with some great moral character that rises above anything Trump has said or done.

And over the weekend, Biden went after Trump supporters with his rudeness.

On Saturday, Biden wasn’t very happy at all that Trump supporters showed up during his minuscule rally of 130 cars in Pennsylvania. 

The Trump supporters were in a nearby parking lot, honking horns, waving flags and campaign banners, and shouting out during Biden’s lengthy 25-minute speech. 

Biden said, “We don’t do things like those chumps out there with the microphones, [2] those Trump guys.”

Things like what, Joe? Show up with American flags?

Or maybe you meant that democrats don’t do things like peaceful protests. The Trump supporters weren’t throwing molotov cocktails or setting anything on fire.

So maybe that’s what you meant.

Yes, Joe, we are loud but peaceful. And we wave flags, we don’t burn them.

So what is the definition of a chump? According to the Miriam Webster dictionary, it is a person who is easily tricked: a stupid or foolish person.

That’s how he characterized patriotic Trump supporters who had the nerve to “crash” his boring speech.

Biden doesn’t think much of the rest of the country either. This election only has one person running for president and that’s Donald Trump. 

Biden has been in his basement for most of the campaign and when he does appear in public, he is lucky to get 100 people to show up. He doesn’t think he needs to bother meeting with the public in order to win the presidency.

Biden is keeping his schedule sparse because he doesn’t have the stamina to tour the country like Trump does and because he doesn’t want to answer questions about his son, Hunter. 

Biden also wants to keep his dementia hidden as much as possible and keep the gaffes to a minimum.

Over the weekend, Biden didn’t even remember that he was running against President Trump. He talked about “George” instead until his wife helped him remember that Trump was his opponent.

Joe’s caregiver Jill seems to be with him most of the time at campaign events and in interviews. She knows how bad off he is. Like I’ve said before, she’s an evil woman for putting him through this.

But the Biden family, as we have learned, is every bit as power and money-hungry as the Clintons are.

So with a week left, Joe Biden will try to hide from the country and much as possible and get his naps in. He’s been working that strategy for most of his campaign.

The invisible candidate.

But Biden isn’t actually “running” for president. 

He’s counting on the fact that the democrats and the media have gotten enough people to hate Trump that they will vote against him and just vote for anyone with a “D” after their name.

Or it’s possible that the democrats have enough cheating scams in place that they don’t think they actually need to have Biden campaigning in any sort of normal way.

The democrats certainly don’t think Biden has to go out on the campaign trail to convince anyone who to vote for. 

Biden actually Tweeted recently, “Nine days – let’s go.”


Go where? 

Biden’s Twitter feed is more busy than he is.

Sleepy Joe did two brief and lightly attended drive-in rallies on Saturday and then called a lid on things on Sunday.

Meanwhile, what did the Trumpster do?

Plenty. According to the website Just the News [3], on Saturday, Trump, “rose early in West Palm Beach, Florida, took a motorcade to a polling site to cast his early-voting ballot, jetted to Fayetteville, NC for a campaign rally, jumped over to Columbus, Ohio for another packed rally, zipped off to Milwaukee, Wisconsin for a third rally and then headed home, arriving at the white House in the wee hours of Sunday morning.”

Trump got up early again on Sunday and then rolled out at 10:30, “flying on Air Force One to New Hampshire for a crowded rally, then headed up to Maine…”

While Trump runs to win the presidency, Biden stays in his basement because the democrats think they have the election in the bag – for one reason or another.

But Biden is quite disrespectful to the voters by acting this way – and anyone who votes for him is the real CHUMP.