In the heat of the moment, we can sometimes come off harsh and without remorse when discussing the left and their socialist ways, but it isn’t without justification. Their most recent disaster came when USA Today actually fact-checked an article written by Babylon Bee, a known satirical site. The article in question was about none other than overturning the death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

The Babylon Bee article entitled, Ninth Circuit Court Overturns Death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, suggests that the prestigious Ninth Circuit of Appeals ruled that Justice Ginsburg’s death was not legal, therefore President Trump can’t nominate a new justice because Ginsburg is legally alive. The problem with the article is the fact that it is – FAKE. As mentioned above, Babylon Bee is known for writing outlandish pieces. On their twitter page, they refer to themselves as “Fake news you can trust.”

The thought of interns and media experts at USA Today feverishly working to fact check the article does put a smile on thousands of people’s faces. For that, we have to thank the Democrats. But what is ironic about the article, are the details presented within that would have any normal person second-guessing its authenticity.

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For starters, there is a statement from Justice Kim McLane Wardlaw, where she vows to “block any attempt [to replace RBG] until we figure out a way to resurrect her or maybe clone her and restore her to her already ‘legally alive’ state. We’re still figuring that part out.” That statement alone should give the article away, but for the experts at USA Today – they had to dig deeper.

How far did they go? How about they actually when to the Ninth Circuits of Appeals website to see if there were any open cases on the matter. The result according to USA Today, “There is no record of any Wardlaw opinion on Ginsburg’s death on the website for the 9th Circuit, but she participated in a panel discussion Friday about Ginsburg’s life produced by the UCLA School of Law. There was no mention of reviving Ginsburg during the discussion.”

In the end, USA Today found the article to be SATIRE. What led them to that decision? According to their own article, they used the facts from a total of 15 trusted sources to determine an article written by a satirical website was, in fact, satire.

This piece was written by Jeremy Porter on September 29, 2020. It originally appeared in and is used by permission.

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